Zimfest Live returns to UK Jah Prayzah

Ruth Butaumocho-Managing Editor

The highly revered Southern African music and arts festival, Zimfest Live, will return in July this year in the United Kingdom in celebration of African music, art and culture. 

As has become the norm, some of Zimbabwe’s best musicians will have an opportunity to showcase their artworks at this high-octane arts festival, which has become an annual event for the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. 

At least 10 of Zimbabwe’s top musicians are set to grace this year’s Zimfest, whose sponsorship continues to grow each year.

Freeman HKD, Killer T, Baba Harare, Tocky Vibes, female sensation Feli Nandi, Berita, Shasha, Musa Keys and Kaeys are some of the acts billed to perform at this year’s art fête set for July 29 at Herts Country Showground. 

Revellers will be spoilt for choice as they will enjoy music from turntables, from an array of DJs who will take turns to entertain the crowd. 

Some of the top DJ’s who will be on rotation include masters on the decks, Ruv, DJ Bruckout, Fistoz, Special One and Khanda Cool.

Empress Trish, Shopsydoo and Rank Marshall will host the main stage, while Xavier — Empress Kanisha will be entertaining the crowds on the Shisha Lounge.

The organisers say more acts will be announced during the next few weeks as preparations gather momentum. 

Zimfest Live has become more than just a music festival and it is now a community affair that brings people from various parts of the UK together, to experience and celebrate the very best talent — musically, artistically and from a business standpoint.

Started in 2001, in south-west London, the festival has become one of the most popular and sought after events in the UK community for music, arts and crafts. 

It has, over the years, given a platform to both established and new artistes to showcase their talent to crowds of approximately 5 000 each year. 

Over the years, the finest African musicians from Zimbabwe and the UK have graced the main stage and continue to draw huge crowds. 

Sungura maestro, Alick Macheso, high riding contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah and Suluman Chimbetu are some of Zimbabwe’s top musicians who performed at Zimfest before. 

For those who are yet to attend the Zimfest, the festival affords discerning music lovers to revel from an avalanche of musicians, whose line-up has continued to grow and cater for a diverse crowd, over the years. 

Similarly Zimfest has given new artistes who are making a name for themselves internationally a platform to perform and justify why they have become sought-after acts locally and overseas. 

What stands out as Zimfest is the ambience, a laid back and a revelling atmosphere, where revellers can dance and enjoy without inhibitions. 

Every year, Zimfest brings in a new concept, various genres, making it one of the most progressive and exciting festivals over the years. 

It is for this reason that it continues to attract many sponsors, who want to increase their brand visibility in the Diaspora. 

World Remit, Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company, SIP, CBZ Holdings, Mukuru, Ngoto and Mambos Chicken are among some of this year’s sponsors. 

New entrant, Mambos Chicken, said they decided to be among Zimfest’s partner to support local artistes, while exploring new markets for their brand. 

Mambos Chicken brand manager Pamela Nyakabau said they were prospecting for the international market, targeting Zimbabweans who are now in the Diaspora, particularly those in the UK. 

“We want to have Zimbabwe Diaspora engagement with the brand considering the number of health emigrated professionals in that country, hence our decision to partner with progressive platforms like Zimfest,” she said.

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