Zesa explains power outages

Herald Reporter
ZESA HOLDINGS has said power outages being experienced in different parts of the country are due to a technical fault at Kariba and Hwange Power station.

Power supply had vastly improved since March until recently when some areas have been experiencing power cuts.

ZESA Holdings acting group stakeholder relations manager Ms Prisca Utete said the situation had been compounded by the unavailability of normal import levels due to constraints in the region.

“Hwange unit 5 has been out and works are at an advanced stage to recover it, while Unit 2 developed tube leaks and repairs are almost complete with expectations of bringing it back as soon as possible, hence minimising the demand supply mismatch,” she said.

“Unit 8 is out of service due to a technical fault at Kariba power station, which is currently operating with seven units. Efforts are underway to restore this unit.”

She said that power supply should be stable starting this week.

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