Youth empowerment key to achieving Vision 2030

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The Herald

Ivan Zhakata

Herald Correspondent

The centrality and importance of youth as pillars of the present and future of the African continent cannot be overemphasised.

Not surprisingly, there is a catalogue of policies, charters, constitutions, ministries, departments, trusts and organisations that are being established to develop and empower youth for leadership roles.

The United Nations, through its Sustainable Development Goals, and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 recognises both youth and women as central to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

One of the major selling points for Zanu-PF 2018 election victory was the issue of empowerment.

A young entrepreneur, Mr Jerrymore Nyazungu(34) has called for youth empowerment in achieving the 2030 goal.

In an interview after winning the recent Megafest Awards as the top young executive in the northern region in 2020, Mr Nyazungu believes in youth empowerment as the key for the future.

Mr Nyazungu, as founder and managing director of the M&J Group, was also awarded the Megafest Gold prize under the Customer Focus category.

“I began my professional journey in the harsh environment of the ‘casino economy’ in the early 2000s,” he said.

“My first job was as a casual worker at a popular retail outlet in Harare. I used to do ticketing and controlling at the outlet.

“I have a strong belief youth have a big role to play in reviving the economy.”

Mr Nyazungu said people should stop thinking like employees and start thinking like masters.

He said most people driving the economy were small to medium enterprises and as such they have a big role to play in managing the economy.

“We cannot look to big corporates because we are the majority, we are the driving force,” Mr Nyazungu said.

Mr Nyazungu said his vision is to reach a million United States dollars in revenue.

“The game plan this year is for the M&J Group to simply outwork every competitor. Already operating six days a work plans are in place to see the firm become the first in the consultancy industry in Zimbabwe to remain open and accessible to its customers seven days a week,” he said.

Mr Nyazungu was awarded the Platinum prize at the Megafest Awards (Northern Region) under the Young Executive of the Year category.

At the same awards, M&J Consultancy was also awarded the Gold prize under the Customer Focus category.

In addition, he scooped the Institute of Corporate Directors award for Managing Director of the Year in SME Category.

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