What led to separation of Judgement Yard crew?

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What led to separation of Judgement Yard crew? DJ Flevah

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo-Senior Arts Reporter

In music and showbiz, some groups always have problems or cat-fights, especially after one member becomes big-headed.

But being in a group can be an advantage because some members might cover up for those who are still struggling to get the limelight.

Remember, 70 percent of musical groups either are based on friendship or relationships,  or they might have emerged from talent shows.

Yet these usually end up splitting. 

What exactly leads to these groups to split?

The fall out last week between popular Judgement Yard disc jockeys Tendai Tembo, affectionately known as DJ Flevah, and Etherton Bennie (Etherton Mutemasango), is one example of such fights.

The beef these two was met with mixed feelings on social media, especially after it emerged they had parted ways.

Sources revealed that although the duo was talented, their mishaps came after Etherton Bennie was accused of being not professional and always wanted things done his way.

“I can only comment if you protect my name,” said a source. “I am very close to the two, but Etherton Bennie was being a problem in the past years, the situation was only saved then because DJ Flevah is a quiet person. Etherton Bennie is not focused and not professional in how he handles business.

“Imagine, sometimes Etherton Bennie would do shows which are not planned. Sometimes he would host the shows behind DJ Flevah’s back with his friends or those he would have maybe met at the bar or shops.

“I don’t hate him, but this has led them to go separate ways. DJ Flevah somehow is too conventional, he wants things done by the book. I think all this is because of their upbringing, though both come from ghetto.”

In an interview, DJ Flevah confirmed the split and said there was no bad blood between Etherton Bennie and himself.

“We separated two years ago and we decided to keep it under wraps because we didn’t want to raise alarm with our fans.We’re still good friends and there is no bad blood between us. The game is still strong,” said DJ Flevah . 

“People will always have something to say, but we are focusing on personal growth and we are scouting new talent like we always do.” 

DJ Flevah said the name Judgement Yard will soon be a brand.

“We have made a name through Judgement Yard and it is going to be a brand on its own. Etherton Bennie will not be using that name, but his popular hoarse voice as the brand which made him.” 

Asked when was their last show together and when their fans can hear about the speculated mixtape, DJ Flevah said all was in the pipeline.

“Our mix tapes continue and we are releasing a summer edition soon,” he said. “I am still part of the brand and our Mad Sunday and touring country.” 

Dj Flevah did not want to shed light on Etherton Bennie’s alleged unprofessionalism.

“Just call him, let me share the number,.On those allegations, I can’t comment,” said DJ Fleva

Efforts to get a comment from Etherton Bennie were fruitless as his cellphone was unreachable.

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