West Property shows commitment to arts sector Ken Sharpe (left) and Jah Prayzah pose for a photo with Zimbabweans living in the United Arab Emirates

Herald Reporter

Property developer WestProp has shown its solidarity and commitment in promoting Zimbabwe’s arts and culture globally through the sponsoring of local musician Jah Prayzah and his 18-member band to perform at the Expo 2020 Dubai held at the Millennium Amphitheatre in Dubai on Monday night.

The popular musician did not disappoint as he gave a five-star performance which left the crowd begging for more, with no seats left and even hundreds of people willing to stand outside and watch the entire performance standing.

Expo 2020 Dubai is a world platform for countries to showcase their best and is currently running in the United Arab Emirates from October 1 2021 to March 31 2022.

The theme is sustainability and its a time to create, collaborate and innovate among businesses and countries.

Speaking after the event ,WestProp founder and Forbes award winner Mr Kenneth Sharpe said his company had decided to support the country’s agenda to showcase Zimbabwean culture at the expo by inviting Zimbabwe’s most famous musician and singer Jah Prayzah and his band.

“We wanted to sponsor this band here in Dubai for the Zimbabwe National Day to perform a live concert to showcase Zimbabwean music to the world and at the same time were spectators can attend the performance for free.”

He said it was a privilege and honour to be at the Expo 2020 Dubai and witness the Zimbabwe National Day.

“We are supporting the sustainability of Zimbabwe by committing ourselves to the building and development of our country one brick at a time.”

He said Jah Prayzah was an icon of Zimbabwean culture in music and his talent must be recognised by the world.

“We hope those that attended tonight‘s concert will hear  and feel the Zimbabwe spirit that comes from his music,” he said.

The opening event in the morning was officiated by President Mnangagwa and the concert attended by top Government officials.

Jah Prayzah is one of West Property brand ambassadors.

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