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Villagers hail prevailing peaceful pre-election period

23 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
Villagers hail prevailing peaceful pre-election period

The Herald

Sydney Mubaiwa in Zaka
Villagers in Zaka District have commended the Government led by President Mnangagwa for ushering in a peaceful pre-election environment, which has seen all political parties conducting their activities without facing any form of intimidation from opponents.

With only a few days left before the harmonised elections, the country is violent free besides minimal cases of vandalism of campaign posters.

In separate interviews last week the villagers said they were looking forward to a peaceful election.
Mr Mudzingwa Muringi from Zaka North constituency said the election environment was peaceful and that was a sign of political maturity.

“This election is very different from any other plebiscite we have held in the country in many ways considering that the government has ushered in a new democratic space were we have over 130 political parties,” he said.

“We haven’t heard of any forms of politically motivated violence anywhere in the country where politicians are campaigning without any hindrances. In the previous situation, we would hear about a lot of intimidation and violence involving supporters of different parties.”

Mr Mudzingwa urged Zimbabweans to continue observing peace during the elections period.
A business woman at Jerera Growth Point, Mrs Edna Zvada said it was her wish that people will continue observing peace even after elections.

“We are very happy that people are campaigning freely without any disturbances,” she said. “At my restaurant, supporters of different political parties meet and share tables or food. This was very rare during the previous elections.
“It is our wish that the conditions remain the same for the betterment of our country.”

Mr Peter Zingoni (from Zaka North) said there was political maturity in the country and opposition members were not being harassed or tortured.

“I am a victim of the 2008 political violence,” he said. “This time around I am glad that the Government and the law enforcement agents have guaranteed the safety for all.

“Like what Zimbabweans did on November 17 last year, there was a smooth transition and this is the same thing we are expecting.”

He said he hoped the voting day will be peaceful and encouraged candidates to accept the election outcomes.
Mr Zingoni commended the media for affording equal coverage to all the contesting parties, a development, which was unheard of in previous polls.

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