UZ genius student notches another milestone

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UZ genius student notches another milestone Mike Sibangani Lungu

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Latwell Nyangu Youth Interactive Writer

The student who caught hearts of many after writing his A–Level in nine months instead of two years has set another record after attending to three different courses concurrently.

Recently, the scholar got help after opening up about his daily travel to University of Zimbabwe on foot.

He got many sympathisers who came to his rescue.

Mike Sibangani Lungu, a 19-year-old Chitungwiza student is currently doing three tertiary education programmes including Bachelors in Political Science and Diplomacy at University of Zimbabwe, a Diploma in Journalism and Communication studies and a Diploma in International Diplomacy and NGO’s (CCOSA).

“I managed to do Advanced Level in nine months thus have resolved to continue making more to the academic by breaking national records to continue raising my country’s flag high.

“I am doing Political Science Diplomacy, International Communication Diplomacy and NGO’s and Journalism.

“This is so after  also realised that the burden of doing one programme was too small for me to carry.

“I believe I am gifted in arts subjects from a young age as I would write some literature since 7 years.

“This enabled me later to write novels, historical books and write A-Level exams in less than a year,” he said.

Added Mike: “I did three programmes at a time to distinguish myself from my contemporaries as well as adding value to the academic record as a teenager who come from a poor background.

“I managed to be a highest above all students in my examinations at CCOSA in the previous semester by scoring three distinctions.

“I have managed to continue placing much better efforts.

“Managed to score high also at UZ for Political Science and Diplomacy, various officials are a witness to my efforts in the academic arena.”

Despite his poor background, Mike continues working to create a better future.

“I urge youths to focus on education and prepare for their future for the betterment of our country.

“I would like to urge young people to be visionary and pursue effective goals not to get into early child marriage, drug addiction to name a few. They should be patriotic as well. This should be one of the main goals of education.

“I also attained more than 12 academic awards since my primary level.  I have continued to pursue despite the motivations that we receive from others.

“I would like to thank my great mentors LN, Felix and Professor Matambirofa for encouraging me to continue doing well.

“My dream is to do law as well as Masters and PhD for Politics and international relations at Oxford or Harvard  University.”

The academic also urges his contemporaries who come from poor backgrounds as well as poor cities to pursue their dreams.

“We can do it all through passion, hard work and vision. My dream is to be able to see His Excellency physically one of these days.

“I am motivated by his teachings and aim to achieve well in the academic sector.”

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