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Tsotsi cooking up more lockdown dramas

04 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Tsotsi cooking up more lockdown dramas Zolile Makeleni

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

Renowned local actor and television talk-show host Zolile Makeleni has said he wants to create more local content for television during this lockdown.

Makeleni, who is popularly known as “Tsotsi” after his role in local soap “Wenera” made the assertion during auditions for his upcoming drama series, “Isithembu”.

The auditions which were held recently in the CBD saw hundreds of aspiring actors auditioning. Although they came in turns and batches because of the coronavirus pandemic, they battled it out for top spots.

On the judges’ panel were former “Wenera” actors who include Fatima Makunganya, Takura Murapa, Theo Marufu and Ropafadzo Siyamachira.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Makeleni said he had already made the final list and preparations for the shoot are at an advanced stage.

“I am happy that I am living my dream life. I want to make more shows and dramas with resources that we have. The auditions were a success and I was surprised with the talent that the country has. I was once an aspiring actor before making it this far and I want to salute everyone who took part. As always not everyone can make it. We selected a few and right now preparations are at an advanced stage for the shoot with now scouting of locations on course,” he said.

He said shooting will begin end of this month.

Makeleni said the drama series will feature award winning actor Stephen Chigorimbo, Carol Mhlanga, Mitchell Mutodwa, Dzidzai Sithole, Tinashe Pundo and Forbes Chiripai.

He added that the storyline was inspired by true events and how life can be toxic in a polygamous marriage.

“Isithembu is a drama series based on how toxic polygamous marriage can be. We had a great turn out at the auditions and among the cast we will have fresh faces so that people will not be bored by obvious and usual actors. The drama is likely to start next month and it will be screened on ZBCTV. The drama will be in three languages Shona, Ndebele and English and will be shot in Borrowdale West (Harare) and Hillside (Bulawayo),” he said.

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