Tongai Moyo sons reconcile after bust-up

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Tongai Moyo sons reconcile after bust-up Tongai Obert Moyo (jnr)

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
They say blood is thicker than water, but it seems the adage does not hold for the late musician Tongai Moyo’s children, who were not on speaking terms after a huge bust-up.

Peter and Tongai Obert Moyo, who last met 10 years ago, are set for a reunion after the young Obert extended an olive branch to his elder brother.

Not only does Obert resemble his late father, he has matured enough to let bygones be bygones.

Talk of the voice, the hairstyle and even the dance moves, he reminds many of the Utakataka Express founder.

The 22-year-old Obert caused a stir on social media recently with his debut song and video — ‘Cain and Abel’, which he said was inspired by his personal life and his alleged wars with his brother Peter.

Obert said in an interview with The Herald Arts that he preferred to use the second name because it is popular with family and friends.

He said he was no longer a “bad boy” anymore as some think, and has forgiven Peter.

“Sibling rivalry is normal,” said Obert. “I have forgiven my brother Peter and I am at peace with myself. My life was hard growing up. We were born seven children, with Peter being the eldest. I was chased away and beaten up by Peter while I was in Grade 7 in 2011 after he accused me of stealing US$700. I went to stay with Gogo Chihera in Sesombe Village, Zhombe.”

Gogo Chihera is Peter and Obert’s grandmother.

“By then, my mother was in South Africa,” said Obert. “Years later, she instructed me to move in with her sister in Waterfalls. I lived like an outcast in the family. I was changing schools and I finished my ordinary level at Kenzin College, passing four subjects.”

Obert said he started looking for jobs after school.

“I knew I had to take care of my siblings, who include Nyasha, Tendai, Tanaka, Nicole and Natasha,” he said. “By then Peter had already relocated to Harare.

“I started working in sand pits in Chitungwiza before moving to Metro Peech. I then worked at a local construction company and met Brian Samaita in 2016 and we started discussing music.”

“I recorded my first track with Samaita in 2016 called “Dhewa Vedu”.

“It flopped.”

“I then we went to South Africa, were I met Ronnie Mudhindo, who once worked with our late father.

“Ronnie convinced me to take over the legacy left by our father and we did a track titled “Dzinza Rinokosha” and launched it on March 7 in Zimbabwe, but again it flopped,” he said.

Obert said at one time he became hopeless, stranded and thought of quitting music before he was invited to New Life Ministries by a friend.

“I am now a born again Christian,” he said. “The church leader counselled me and helped me record “Cain and Abel”. The church leader is now my manager. The song was recorded at Tru-Tone Studios owned by Jabulani Ndlovu.

“‘Cain and Abel’, which already has a video, talks about me and Peter. I wanted to let my anger out. It was inspired by my upbringing.”

Obert said he has borrowed musically from his late father and he is using the same brand name, Utakataka Express, for his seven-member band.

Peter said there was no bad blood between him and Obert, confirming he once beat up his younger brother.

“I didn’t want to comment about the song (Cain and Abel) when I viewed it on social media,” he said. “I knew Obert would come to his senses. Yes, a lot has happened, but I am waiting for him to approach me first.

“When I beat him up, our father was there. It was my right to do so because he was troublesome. I am happy that he narrated his story to the media himself, because when he posted on social media, many people thoughtthere was bad blood between us.

“He should look for me and we willsit down and resolve our differences. I am happy he is in music and that is good for the Dhewa brand.”

Gogo Chihera said she wishes that Peter and Obert solve their differences amicably.

“For how long will they continue like this?” she said. “Obert visited me last week with his manager telling me about his new music. They don’t see eye to eye with Peter because of past issues. It hurts me.

“It is true that Obert was chased away after stealing some money and he had done so several times. Maybe he should contact Peter so that they resolve their issues.”

In almost a week, the family will be marking the demise of Tongai Moyo (snr) who died on October 15, 2011.

Will Peter and Obert unite for the commemorations? Only time will tell.

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