Theatre in the Park hosts ‘love songs’ show

Theatre in the Park  hosts ‘love songs’ show Bob Nyabinde
Bob Nyabinde

Bob Nyabinde

Own Correspondent
The new Theatre in the Park venue at Harare Gardens will host its first show on Sunday. The Valentine’s Day show will be a musical featuring Bob Nyabinde, who will present best Zimbabwean love songs of all the time.

The songs have been selected after a survey by Rooftop Promotions that runs Theatre in the Park, but there will be room for a few requests during the show.

“The show will run in the afternoon as from 2pm to 6pm featuring the greatest Zimbabwean romantic love tunes from the 1930s to the current hit love songs of every genre and era and a few surprises,” said Rooftop Promotions director Daves Guzha.

Bob is well known for playing for the small and appreciative crowd interacting with the audience by unleashing humorous jokes. His music is well controlled, versatile and danceable yet very educative.

The new Theatre in the Park venue is almost complete and Rooftop Promotions will be using this show as a pre-launch event to the final and official opening of the venue.

Show host Nyabinde said while fashion will come and fade, love and songs will never go out of style.

“Zimbabwean Love Songs will cater for everyone, sweethearts, family and friends. The songs will also remind you of someone you either still or used to love.

“This means they will be lots of song requests and a few surprises from our upcoming album,” he said.

Guzha said the Zimbabwean love songs will also give them an opportunity to fine tune some areas that needs attention when they are hosting shows of this nature.

“We did a trial run last year with a foreign theatre production from Norway, ‘Guinea Fowl’ and it helped us to measure and tighten loopholes when hosting international productions at our new venue.

“And this Zimbabwean love show by Bob Nyabinde will also help us to see what areas need to be tightening up. We are also using Bob because he is well known in the corporate society for his remarkable performances at any private function.”

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