‘Thank you for the trust, confidence’ ED

‘Thank you for the trust, confidence’ ED
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Takunda Maodza New Editor—-
President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday thanked congress for confirming him as President and First Secretary of zanu-pf and endorsing his presidential candidature in harmonised elections next year. Officially closing the zanu-pf Extraordinary Congress held at Robert Mugabe Square in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa pledged to be the people’s servant. “I salute each and every one of you,” he said.

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“I am proud to be your comrade. I am proud to call you my comrades. I would like to express my profound gratitude to the party as represented by congress delegates here present for confirming me as the President and First Secretary of our revolutionary party and also endorsing me as the party’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming 2018 harmonised general elections.

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“Thank you. Thank you for finding me worthy of your trust. Worthy to be the leader and a servant of this colossal and great party, zanu-pf.” President Mnangagwa implored the party to support him as he charted a new socio-economic and political trajectory for the country. “I beseech you comrades to keep those standing and supporting hands on me as I assume this onerous role of leading this revolutionary party,” he said.

“I appeal for your continued honest and frank counsel.” President Mnangagwa implored zanu-pf never to lose sight of the milestone the revolutionary party has achieved in the past.

He reiterated that zanu-pf was a home for all.
“Let us be mindful that Zanu-PF is not the party of its leader, but the party of its members, a party for us all,” said President Mnangagwa. “As your President and First Secretary, I am the first among equals, but equals we are. Each individual cadre is essential and each individual cadre will help shape our destiny. We are bound and interwoven inextricably by the threads of our party constitution, by individual and collective duties therein stated.

“Let us vow from today, to uphold, respect and defend our party constitution for it binds us, unites us and defines us. Let us protect it at all costs.” The Extraordinary Congress endorsed President Mnangagwa – a veteran of the liberation struggle – as President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF taking over from Cde Robert Mugabe, who was recalled.

It also endorsed President Mnangagwa as the Zanu-PF presidential candidate in harmonised elections scheduled for next year. President Mnangagwa succeeded Cde Mugabe who was recalled following the launch Operation Restore Legacy initiated by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

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The ZDF intervened to serve the country that was facing socio-political and economic turmoil catalyzed by the G40 cabal, which had highjacked former President Mugabe for selfish interests. The G40 cabal, which comprised Professor Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao, enjoyed the support of former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Some members of the cabal skipped the border and the Women’s League yesterday implored the Zanu-PF leadership to ensure they are brought back to answer to criminal charges that include corruption. They were insulated from the wrath of the law by Mrs Mugabe, who publicly defended them at interface rallies.

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