Courtney Matende Midlands Reporter
A 25-year-old man from Mberengwa fatally struck his 72-year-old father with an axe and dumped the body in a disused mine shaft because the father was opposed to his marriage.

Midlands police provincial spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said the allegations were that Luke Robert Jojo did not like his daughter -in-law Brenda Dube (18) of Village 4 Greenspan and always insisted that his son Lonias (25) divorce her. “On July 4 around 2pm, Brenda came home drunk and had a misunderstanding with her father in-law, who then instructed Lonias to chase her away because he did not like her,” he said.

“This angered Lonias, who took an axe from his bedroom and struck his father twice on the head and he died on the spot.”

Insp Goko said the couple allegedly dumped Luke’s body in a mine shaft.

“Lonias and his wife Brenda allegedly ferried the deceased’s body in a wheelbarrow and threw it in a disused mine shaft about 400 metres away from their home,” he said. “The following morning, Lonias allegedly went to the village head and reported that his father was missing since the previous day. The village head mobilised a team to search for him and Luke’s body was found covered in blood stains in the disused mine shaft.”

Police were alerted and they attended the scene. The pair later confessed to murdering the deceased.

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