Lovemore Meya Court Correspondent
A Chitungwiza teacher who sodomised his 16-year-old pupil after drugging him with unknown tablets, mbanje and Broncleer syrup while conducting extra lessons, was yesterday slapped with a one-year prison term.

The man (22) sexually abused the boy on several occasions and ordered him not to reveal the offences.

He denied aggravated indecent assault charges before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Ms Estere Chivasa, but was however, found guilty of sodomy.

“The State failed to prove the case of aggravated indecent assault charges the accused was facing. This is as a result of the victim who is now over 16 years and is capable of consenting. If the complainant was less than 12 years, accused was going to be convicted of the same charges.

“But in this case complainant had agreed and he is above 16, section 247 makes it very clear under such circumstances,” said Ms Chivasa.

Ms Chivasa sentenced the man to a year prison term after convicting him of sodomy.

Ms Chivasa said it was not clear from the evidence adduced in court if the victim had been drugged as the complainant could have also been abusing drugs.

It was also established that the complainant would frequent the teacher’s house for money and engaged in the act.

The prosecutor Mr Loveti Muringwa proved that from July to November this year, the boy used to go to the man’s house for extra lessons.

While there, the teacher would force the boy to take some tablets, Broncleer and smoke mbanje before abusing him.

This would happen on several times and after the abuse,

the teacher gave the boy money to silence him.

On November 26, the man insulted the boy leading to a heated argument that saw the minor reporting the abuse to his mother.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to his arrest.

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