Silundika’s house saga takes new twist

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Silundika’s house saga takes new twist

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The gardener, Mr Johnson Ncube, married the liberation war heroine on 16 September 2000 under the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11.

Mr Ncube, who moved into the main house after the marriage, claimed Mrs Silundika left him in charge of the four bed-roomed house when she died in 2003.
The house under dispute is Number 14 McNeille Road in Bulawayo’s Riverside suburb.

The children of the late national hero evicted him from the house on Sunday and told him to look for alternative accommodation.
He has been sleeping in a Mercedes Benz that Mrs Silundika left him and has vowed to fight for the house in the highest court in the land.

In a telephone interview from Chivhu yesterday the family’s representative, Mrs Georgina Manatsa, said Mrs Silundika never told anyone that she got married to Mr Ncube.
She said Mrs Silundika did not even say anything regarding him in her will.

“They only held a Jehovah’s Witness ceremony at the house, which we were not invited to. We were not aware they were married. According to the late George Silundika’s will, the house belonged to his wife and their four children on an equal percentage of 20. If Mrs Silundika had wanted Mr Ncube to have her share, she would have said so in her will,” said Mrs Manatsa.

She said Mrs Silundika was described as a widow in her death certificate because no one knew about the marriage.
“In any case, when Mrs Silundika’s estate was dissolved following her death in 2003, we advertised for the mandatory number of days in the newspapers, asking anyone who had any claim to the estate to come forward. Mr Ncube should have spoken then, but he chose to keep quiet,” said Mrs Manatsa.

She said she did not understand why Mr Ncube wanted to inherit another man’s sweat.
“That house was built by George Silundika for his family. He should be grateful that the children have been keeping him there all this time instead of fighting them. Truly speaking, he has no claim to the house. I have High Court papers, which I can bring on Monday when I come back to Bulawayo, that clearly show that the house belongs to the children, Paul, Thembi, Pauline and Felix,” said Mrs Manatsa.
The four children are all based in the Diaspora.-Chronicle

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