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Setting up best kitchen designs

21 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Setting up best kitchen designs

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Home and Garden Writer
IT is usually quite funny to see some people flipping through magazines and surfing on the Internet to select a kitchen design and, at the end, fail to settle for the perfect one.

This is usually because every household wants to have something different from what they would have seen either at a friend’s place or after travelling for a holiday.

When you are a new homeowner buying your first kitchen, the longing for something different will always catch up with you at some point, driving you to the Internet or bookshop to find magazines for a variety of designs.

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home with some, today, now combining it with the living room.

To some, especially in Zimbabwean culture, the kitchen best describes the personality of the wife, who is usually believed to be responsible for the cooking.

But, who will then be solely responsible for deciding the type of kitchen to have in your home, considering that it should be a functional space to place food and store utensils.

Because of the nature of set up that we have in our homes, most people usually settle for an open plan kitchen that can incorporate a dining area or even a full living area.

Most people would normally want to create a home that is spacious and ideal for socialising while doing the kitchen chores.

But to get a beautiful open plan kitchen layout, there are a few key principles to follow.

The kitchen should therefore have some makers to ensure that people do not often feel as though they are always sitting in the kitchen when relaxing on the sofa in the dining.

It is important to make sure that the living room furniture should complement kitchen units and the theme.

Choosing dining suits should always be of the same material or colour to match the kitchen units and of course the utensils.

Seating arrangements do not necessarily have to match, but the colour should complement style where possible.

The kitchen utensils for an open plan design are of paramount importance, as making the wrong choices could risk turning the living area into an unpleasant space.

A cooker hood, which takes away smell and steam, is a must in an open plan design, as failure will take away the creation of a welcoming social space in your home.

Petronella Mwashita, sales consultant at Kitchen Link, which specialises in home decor, said the standard of a kitchen depends with the taste of the owner.

“The kitchen design is normally determined by one’s budget and taste. As consultants we come in to assist in positioning of things like sink, fridge and other things.

“At times we do recommend the type of design after noting the amount of space one would have and say for example, in homes with smaller space we recommend bright colours, which will make the kitchen look bigger.

“Darker colours would make the kitchen look squashed,” she said.

Mwashita recommended that new homeowners approach consultants who recommend designs that fit well in their home.

“Choosing a kitchen design, like I said, depends on the space available. I recommend that a site visit is done, measurements are made and a 3D design is made for the client.

“Clients will be given the privilege to select all the finishes and accessories for their kitchens,” she said.

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