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BREAKING: Artwell Mandaza dies

Zimbabwe's athletics legend, Artwell Mandaza has died.

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Home & Gardening

3 days ago | October 19, 2019

Turning backyard space into lucrative business

WHILE most unglamorous home projects do not present the potential of becoming as lucrative as big initiatives, they do ...

Decorative pillows, cushions a must-have

DECORATING your home with throw pillows may seem like a small part of the design process, but that cannot be further ...

1 week ago | October 12, 2019

Secure your home with trendy fencing

Installing fences has long been a traditional method to secure outside privacy and it doesn’t have to be boring or bland.

Perfect lawn, a status symbol

According to Susie Rushton, for any tennis fan there is a certain point in the year when the sport becomes hazed in ...

2 weeks ago | October 5, 2019

Garden furniture with a difference

THERE is always something good about having an idea of turning your landscape into an outdoor family space for a certain ...

Express yourself in cosy, rustic rugs

IN 2014 we all wore them vowing never to have a wardrobe collection without them.

3 weeks ago | September 28, 2019

Mukarati: Farmer with a difference . . . grows crops without soil

WHILE growing up, we knew that some climbers like the money-maker, could virtually be grown in a glass jar with nothing ...

1 month ago | September 21, 2019

Trending garden furniture for summer

Rebecca Kabaya Home and Garden Writer As temperatures start rising, people are looking for trending garden chairs, day ...

Setting up best kitchen designs

Nyore Madzianike Home and Garden Writer IT is usually quite funny to see some people flipping through magazines and ...

1 month ago | September 14, 2019

Magic of inheriting, tending a garden

Talent Gore Home and Garden Writer Inheriting a family garden is a wonderful thing, but it can also be inhibiting, as ...

Deciding on the best en-suite for your home

Nyore Madzianike Home and Garden Writer ARE you undertaking to renovate your house and add to it a touch of elegance and ...