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Senior cop accused of raping subordinate

03 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Lawrence Chitumba Mash Central Correspondent
BINDURA officer-in-charge (ordinance), Allan Mafuratidze (40), has appeared in court accused of raping his subordinate.

Mafuratidze, who resides at ZRP Old Camp, Bindura, is denying the charges, alleging that the complainant was fabricating the rape charges in a desperate bid to salvage her marriage which is on the rocks because of their extra-marital affair.

Bindura regional magistrate Mrs Sandra Mupindu adjourned the matter to September 4.

Prosecutor Ms Alice Mujakachi told the court that on May 26, at around 5pm, the complainant, who is also a police officer stationed at Tailors in Bindura, boarded Mafuratidze’s vehicle, a Toyota Wish, from Harare to Bindura, which had eight passengers.

The complainant was seated behind the driver’s seat.

She said upon arrival in Bindura, the other passengers dropped off at OK Supermarket, leaving her and another male passenger whom complainant does not know by name who was later dropped off at Chipadze turn-off along Shamva Road.

It is alleged that Mafuratidze told the complainant that he would drop her in Aerodrome where she lives as he was also going there.

“After the other passenger had been dropped off, the complainant remained in the vehicle with the accused person who told her that he wanted to collect something somewhere, therefore he could drop her on his way back,” said Ms Mujakachi.

She said Mafuratidze drove along Shamva Road and turned left at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University turn-off and drove to a secluded place.

“On the way, the complainant asked him where he was taking her to, but he did not respond,” said Ms Mujakachi. “She tried to open the door, but Mafuratizde had already locked it. She also held his hand, but he restrained her.

“She screamed asking the accused to stop, but he remained silent and only stopped after about 400-500 metres. She said when he stopped the vehicle and switched off the engine he jumped from the driver’s seat to the back seat where the complainant was seated and hugged her and said: “At last, remember the day your husband beat you up, but there was nothing I had done to you. Do you know how much I love you? I love you, today is my day’.

“The accused person then raped her once.

“After the act, Mafuratidze pleaded with the complainant to forgive him since he had done it out of love, but she did not respond as she was crying before driving back and dropping her about 100 metres at a corner before her house and went away.

“The following day she told her husband who told her that he would handle the matter his own way since he had previously summoned the accused person to his house and warned him to stay away from his wife. This was after he had sent her a message written ‘Zoro’.”

Ms Mujakachi said Mafukidze phoned the complainant several times after the alleged rape incident, apologising, but the complainant informed him that he was cruel and wanted to destroy her marriage.

After realising that her husband had done nothing about the issue, the complainant reported the matter at Bindura Central Police Station on June 15.

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