Sekuru Banda rescues Gringo, pledges house Lazarus “Gringo” Boora and wife Netsai seated with Sekuru Banda

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Senior Arts Reporter

Traditionalist Oman Kamwelo Banda, popularly known as Sekuru Banda, yesterday pledged to settle all medical expenses to be accrued during comedian Gringo’s treatment. 

Sekuru Banda made the undertaking when he visited Gringo, born Lazarus Boora, at his Hatfield home in Harare.

Gringo is battling intestine obstruction (tesnel), sitting discomfort, backache, hearing and talking difficulties.

He was hospitalised last weekend and was expected to undergo blood tests, a scan and routine check-ups.

It was established that Gringo, of the popular television Gringo drama series, could hardly meet his medical expenses, hence Sekuru Banda’s intervention.

Gringo’s wife, Netsai, confirmed Sekuru Banda’s timely visit and called for other well-wishers to come aboard.

“I am happy that Zimbabweans have responded to our call and it is so touching,” she said.

“I have been getting calls since yesterday morning after our story was published. Sekuru Banda came and he gave us money to consult the doctor. He told us to send the bill after we visit the doctor.”

Sekuru Banda pledged to cushion Gringo and his family with capital to start up a business.

“I was touched by the story and I drove to his place with my team,” he said. “He is in a sorry state. I asked his wife what was urgently needed. She spoke of medical bills and consultation fees, unfortunately she had no knowledge of the full amount required.

“I gave them money to go back to the doctor and have check-ups, then come back to me with the actual medical bills. I am going to take care of his medical bills.”  Sekuru Banda promised to build Gringo a house in the near future.

“We have to deal with his medical issues which are before us,” he said.

“I have noticed that he is having difficulties in visiting the toilet, which is a distant. I have also pledged to build a house for him. I also offered capital for a business project so that he sustains himself.

“Sometimes, it is the issue to do with stresses. I hope he will get better soon and be back in the groove.”

Leonard Chibhamu,  the director of Village Secrets, a local television drama where Gringo features as Gibbo, created a go fund me campaign for those who want to assist.

“Appeal for assistance for Lazarus “Gringo” Boora. We thank you all Village Secrets fans for standing by us all the way. Let me take this opportunity to inform you that Mukoma Lazarus Boora affectionately known as Gringo, or Gibbo in Village Secrets is unwell.

“As you are aware we had hoped that by this time he could have fully recovered and be back on the screen. Unfortunately, it has been tough for him to recover. Arising from the need and his sudden illness, we feel he deserves our assistance more than ever before to enable him to get the necessary medical attention.

“We fully acknowledge the past support and on the same strength it is our plea for such assistance. Presently, he is in Hatfield, Harare. For further information and assistance contact his wife Mai Boora (Netsai Meki) 0773414364. That is also her EcoCash number for those who want to send money,” read the post.

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