Salvation Army bids farewell to leaders Commissioners Bungay Commissioners Wayne and Deborah Bungay

Herald Reporter

Thousands of Zimbabwe territory salvationists yesterday gathered in Harare to bid farewell to their leaders Commissioners Wayne and Deborah Bungay who are going back to their home territory in Canada to prepare for their retirement next year.

Speakers exalted the commissioners, who were appointed to lead the Zimbabwe, Botswana and Madagascar territory at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 whom they described as people-centred leaders who not only listened, but took action to address situations.

Speaking on behalf of the youth and junior soldiers, Tinashe Mhaka of Mabelreign Citadel in Harare said the territorial leaders passionately engaged with young people without discrimination.

“We appreciate you for the following three key issues, your honest and passionate engagement with us. It was this passion that led to the first-ever Youth Symposium. The fruits of this engagement are evident in the current territorial theme, the opportunity for us to display during the general’s congress, the departmental vehicle purchased for us; our territorial youth leaders can now reach even the remote areas of our territory with ease. You left footprints in our hearts; footprints of love, integrity and openness,” Mhaka said.

The secretary general of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches Reverend Wilfred Dimingu commended Commissioners Bungay for supporting the opening of Enterprise Hotel as a sustainable business achievement for the growth of the church.

He said The Salvation Army Church will be used as a model of sustainability in all ZCC member churches following its opening of Enterprise Hotel in Bulawayo.

Responding to the farewell messages, Commissioner Wayne summarized his leadership hallmarks of inclusive strategic boards, leadership succession planning, and a new governance board made up of officers and ordinary church members while emphasizing that these were now part of decision-making at the top level.

“The youth challenged me to leave a mark and I am glad to see the revival of Masiye Camp in Matopo, the establishment of Enterprise Hotel in Bulawayo, the opening of Sekuru Sande Primary School in Manicaland Division and I oversaw a brand new candidates’ selection process.

“The soldiers are waiting for number 1 Ceres but you will be glad to know that the architectural plan is now with the City of Harare. Harare Central Division is ready to build at number 1 Ceres. We gave them a place there,” Commissioner Bungay said.

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