Roosevelt pupil publishes book

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Roosevelt pupil publishes book Makomborero Nhau with her book

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Seventeen-year-old Roosevelt O-Level pupilMakomborero Nhau has published a book titled “Profused Feelings” to inspire young people to find purpose in life.  It was not easy juggling school work and writing the book but she pulled through.The Saturday Herald on Lifestyle section’s Youth Interactive had a one-on-one with her to find out what inspired her to write the book and what she hopes to achieve. Read on . . .

Q:What influenced you to write?

A: Observation on my community and country at large.

What influenced me the most is my sympathetic self.

Most of the times when I am not under pressure I tend to assess people’s situations.  It may be current or memoirs.

Being an empath influenced me to write for the people in situations that are barely looked at or talked about and for the people who have no idea how others survive. I just thought someone out there might love and be soothed by my art giving them hope to strive again.

Besides that, I diarise so I capture moments and later make up something with them.

Lastly, my school sister loved poetry and whenever we spent time together we would read some pieces together , which influenced me write as well as enter poetry competitions.

Q: How long did it take you to write the book?

A: It took me about two to three years because I started writing when I started high school. I gathered all my writings and removed foreign matter to make it a success in 2020.

Q: Why the title “Profused  feelings?”

A: I chose the title “Profused Feelings “ because the book is about emotions that spill abundantly.

The feelings stated in my book are miscellaneous so I saw the title suitable for the book since the book contains topics like GBV, teenage life, motivation, lessons, Christian, love and many more since the poems focus on people’s day to day lives .

Q: What do you hope to achieve not just with this book but as a writer in general?

A: I am open to whatever positive opportunities that the future offers concerning the pen and paper industry.

I’m looking forward to achieving new writing skills . I also hope to achieve a life of compassion and humanity.

I want to take my empathetic self high for the benefit of others.

Above all I would love to achieve all the goals I aim to meet and to also achieve greatness.

Q: When did you release and how have the sales been?

A: My book was released in December 2020. I would rank the sales medium because overly I haven’t sold many books.

Currently, I have engaged my book on Amazon with the hope of increasing my sales. As someone new to the Industry I am learning on how to boost up the sales since I had no knowledge on it.

Q: Any challenges encountered?

A: On my writing journey I encountered some funding challenges for the publication of the book but my aunt helped me conquer it.

I also faced a challenge on typing the book which resulted in the delayed publication of the book. Typing a whole book on a phone was not easy since I don’t own a computer or laptop.

I also had challenges on getting the first copies printed because I did not have enough capital.

Q: Have you launched the book yet?

A: The book has not been launched yet because I’m still trying to gather my finances for the launch.  I was hoping it to be a success this year but because of being caught up in a web of financial deficit I have postponed. Although, I would love to have it early next year .

Thanks Makomborero.

The pleasure is all mine.

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