Roki’s wives evicted

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Roki’s wives evicted

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According to the women’s landlord identified as Alfred Muriya, Roki’s ex-wives had disappeared from the house without their household goods.
“They just left and I have to move the furniture to my house in Budiriro. They have not come to collect their belongings and we heard they are now staying in St Martins. They could not even pay for their water bills. What I just want is my money,” he said.

Muriya said the two women were “arrogant”.
While no comment could be obtained from Pauline and Melody, The Herald has in its possession a copy of the women’s Special Plea against the eviction filed at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Pauline and Melody rejected the eviction claiming that Muriya did not have “locus standi since he is not the owner of the leased premises”.
They claimed that the registered owner was the only person who should institute legal proceedings against them.
The women argued that they never refused to pay rent.

Pauline and Melody said they moved into the leased premises on November 1 last year and paid their dues for the month arguing that the December rent was due at the month-end.

Pauline and Melody started staying together in November last year in a move their husband Roki said would reduce costs.
The former Big Brother Stargame housemate said the idea for his ex-wives staying together was purely business.

He said he was looking after his ex-wives, and taking care of their day-to-day expenses.
Ironically, Roki said he was looking after them well.

While Roki and friends live in a well furnished house, his ex-wives had to be content with living in a backyard cottage at a place where electricity was disconnected for non-payment.

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