Rev Chivaviro goes solo on 19th album

20 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Rev Chivaviro goes solo on 19th album Reverend Togarirepi Chivaviro

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

United States-based Zimbabwean gospel singer Reverend Togarirepi Chivaviro is preparing to drop his 19th album.

The eight-track album titled “The African Social Gospel — Volume 1”, is set to be released next week via social media platforms.

It was produced by Harare based Blessing Bishy Masanga, engineered by Jonah Mgazi of the US and Musa Mgwenya in South Africa.

In an interview, Rev Chivaviro said 2022 is musically about himself.

“This is my 19th album and it has no collaborations.

“I alternate my albums, this one is a solo project. I think album number 20 will have collaborations. The latest project has four hymns and four original compositions. It is predominantly a new sound for everyone as we try to present an indigenously  Zimbabwean gospel sound.”

He said the album was inspired by the current situation.

“I hope this album will touch lives as it is about societal settings. A big lesson that I have learnt is that music is universal henceforth artistes should be proud of their language and culture as it makes them be identified. I also want to appreciate how Zimbabweans in foreign lands are appreciating our music as it gives us vibe and zeal to do more.”

Rev Chivaviro said the physical launch will coincide with his birthday celebrations on January 23.

“The birthday and album launch weekend will be held in Dallas this Sunday for the in-person launch which will also be broadcast on our social media platforms.”

The “Ebenezer” hit maker said 2022 is about justification.

“We are trying to package our gospel message in a sound that will make it more acceptable here. 2022 will be very hectic as we will be trying by Grace, to make an impact in other continents. After the launch we will get busy on videos for all the eight tracks. Obviously, I will be helping my son who will be releasing a couple of songs. He can’t do albums now because he is in the final year of high school.”

The musician said he was happy to have backing vocals from Rumbi Zvirikuzhe, Tsungie Chivaviro Maburutse, Machaya Chivaviro in Zimbabwe and the South African duo of Buhle Nhlangulela and Petsile Mbhele, on the project.

Some of the songs to look forward to include, “Happy Birthday”, “Chinyarara Mwoyo Wangu”, “Gore Regore” and “Ishe Ndinzwe Nokufara” among others which are derived from Bible verses.

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