Retrenched workers still on Airzim payroll

Retrenched workers still on Airzim payroll

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
Air Zimbabwe is still paying over 300 workers it retrenched six months ago as it is unable to give them termination of employment packages, The Herald has learnt.

Reliable sources told The Herald yesterday that the national airline sacked 333 employees across all grades in a restructuring exercise meant to turn around its fortunes.

Airzim is facing financial challenges due to a number of reasons ranging from ballooning debts due to mismanagement over the years.

It appears Airzim is now facing difficulties in paying the retrenched workers their monthly salaries with workers last week besieging its head office at the Harare International Airport demanding payment.

The workers said traditionally they were paid on the same day with employees still reporting for duty but there were delays this time around.

Airzim has also stopped meeting its medical aid obligations to the retrenched workers.

“The reason why we are here is that we have not received our salaries for this month.

“We were given letters of termination of employment in August 2015.

“However, we do not have a package as yet and hence we are still getting salaries on a monthly basis.

“We normally get our salaries on the same day with the internal workers since we were on one payroll but this has not happened hence we have come to demand for an explanation from the management on the possible causes of this anomaly,” said Mr Alexander Gutu, chairperson of Air Transport Union.

Airzim’s acting public relations manager Ms Shingai Dhliwayo confirmed they were still paying the retrenched workers.

She would not elaborate why the national airline was still paying the sucked employees.

“Air Zimbabwe pays its staff salaries as well as compensation packages for employees with terminated contracts between the 25th and the 30th of every month subject to availability of funds,” she said.

“As for the month in question (January) we have since paid all our staff and we are not aware of any demonstration that took place at Air Zimbabwe.”

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