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Repatriation of First Chimurenga heroes, heroines in 2 months

15 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Repatriation of First Chimurenga heroes, heroines in 2 months

The Herald

Wallace Ruzvidzo Herald Reporter

The heads of heroes and heroines of the First Chimurenga, who were brutally decapitated by the settler regime before being ferried to Britain as trophies of conquest will be repatriated within the next two months.

Speaking at a Press conference at Zanu PF Headquarters last Thursday, chairman of the Repatriation Committee, Chief Makoni said the repatriated remains should be given proper burial before this year’s Heroes Day commemorations, as authorities from both countries were working out the logistics.

Chief Makoni thanked the New Dispensation led by President Mnangagwa for extending a helping hand in ensuring the heads are repatriated and laid to rest in accordance with the Zimbabwean culture.

“Within the next two months, the heads of the First Chimurenga fighters will have been repatriated from the UK and we want them to be buried before Heroes Day,” he said.

“We thank Government and the party for standing by us and helping to ensure that the heads are repatriated because now they are closer to coming back home so that they are laid to rest in a proper manner.

“The Handa project led by Ottoman Magaya was then founded to see how these heads could be repatriated because since 1980 there had just been talk of repatriation, but no action was made, hence the emergence of this committee also in conjunction with Government and Zanu PF’s department of gender and culture.”

Chief Makoni said building blocks for the country were laid by the gallant fighters who were beheaded for resisting imperialist forces.

He said it was important for the nation to hold the heroes and heroines in high regard for putting their lives on the line for the country.

“Before white colonial imperialists came, Zimbabwe had leaders, spiritual guidance, political guidance and social guidance,” said Chief Makoni. “The imperialists saw that our country was rich in soil and natural resources and sought ways to colonise us and take our land away. They faced resistance from the people whom they beheaded.”

Chief Makoni said a research carried out by the committee revealed that 27 heads had been taken as trophies to the UK, but the numbers could be more.

He said more research would be done to establish exactly how many heads were decapacitated and taken to the UK.

“When we gained independence we thought negotiations would be made for the repatriation of our Chimurenga heroes because we carried out a research and we saw that 27 heads were taken by our colonisers and I am sure they are more than 27,” said Chief Makoni.

“After independence Government was supposed to make sure that these heads were repatriated but unfortunately that did not happen and it has been 40 years now.”

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