Relief for Seke rural girls

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Relief for Seke rural girls Beneficiaries pose for a group photo after receiving their sanitary wear

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Beneficiaries pose for a group photo after receiving their sanitary wear

Beneficiaries pose for a group photo after receiving their sanitary wear

Lovemore Meya and Primrose Nyanzero
One hundred and twenty girls from Seke rural in Chitungwiza last week were all smiles after they received sanitary pads that were donated by Touching Lives Foundation in partnership with Shamwari Yemwanasikana.

Touching Lives Foundation and Shamwari Yemwanasikana are both non-profit organisations that strive to change lives of the girl child.

Grade Seven girls from Jonasi Primary and other community girls benefited and were all smiles after the donation.

They expressed joy as some of them highlighted that they were finding it difficult to deal with their menstrual period as they had nothing hygienic to use.

In an interview, the girls would not hide their joy.

Caroline Nyaugono in her Seventh Grade at Jonasi Primary school said when she starts her menstrual period, life becomes very difficult.

“When I started my periods, I used a cloth and when my mother knew about it she was very disturbed. This forced her to look for money to buy some sanitary pads and that helped me a lot,” said Caroline.

“However, life becomes difficult for me whenever I start my circle because ever since I started my mother only managed to buy me some pads once and I ended up resorting to my initial idea of using a piece of cloth. I know that it is y unhygienic but in my situation there is nothing I can do.”

“I am now used to wearing a piece of cloth whenever my menstrual period starts because my mother cannot afford to buy some sanitary pads all the time. We are very thankful to the two groups for coming to our rescue and our wish is for them to continue supporting us,” said Rufaro Hwokwiyo

Ellen Mazivei said rural girls need a lot of support because due to lack of resources, using unorthodox means that put their lives at risk.

“We are always exposed to a lot of danger because a lot of us use the only things in our disposition like pieces of cloth when we start our menstrual circle. Another problem is that even though one affords to buy them, there are always in short supply at our shopping centres,” she said.

Seke girls were not the only beneficiaries of the sanitary wear as Touching Lives Foundation has been giving out sanitary wear to different parts of the country, thereby putting smiles to many less privileged members of the rural community.

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