RDCs intensify Zanu-PF campaign Mr Killer Zivhu
Dr Killer Zivhu

Dr Killer Zivhu

Herald Reporter
Zanu-PF rural district councillors have intensified efforts to mobilise at least 2,3 million votes for President Mugabe and the ruling party in next year’s harmonised elections.

A meeting of all the country’s 60 rural district councils under the banner of the Association of Rural District Councils (ARDC) yesterday resolved to increase efforts in mobilising the people to register as voters. After registering as voters, the councillors would be holding meetings at ward and village levels, urging the people to vote for the ruling party.

The councillors’ meeting came in light of the biometric voter registration, which started yesterday and the national mobile registration for identity cards and birth and death certificates being held by Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede.

Speaking after the meeting yesterday, ARDC president Councillor Killer Zivhu said they were not going back on the programme. Cllr Zivhu is also the chairperson of the Chivi Rural District Council.

“Councillors held a meeting yesterday and one of the major agreement from that meeting was that we are not going to let down our President, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe and our party, Zanu-PF,” he said. “We agreed as rural district councillors to intensify our efforts in ensuring that people register as voters in our various wards and villages.

“We are aware that the Registrar-General has deployed teams in all areas to avail documents that will make it possible for people to register as voters. Our duty since the deployment was done last week was to mobilise the people to go and obtain the necessary documents.” Cllr Zivhu said it would not be helpful for one to obtain the necessary documents, but fail to register as a voter.

“We are also fully alert as Zanu-PF rural councillors to the fact that President Mugabe has declared dates for voter registration to start, which is from today (yesterday),” he said. “We will be making serious follow-ups in our wards as the ruling party councillors to ensure that people go to register as voters.

“But more importantly, we will campaign for the ruling party and pursue our people to vote for the party in their wards. As councillors, we spent most of the time with the people, those at the grassroots, and this will be an advantage to us in terms of mobilising them.”

The launch of the councillors’ mobilisation programme was done in Bulawayo recently, where chairpersons from all the country’s 60 rural district councils attended.

The councillors agreed that they would be holding meetings and rallies to educate people on the need to go and register as voters and why they should vote for President Mugabe and the ruling party.

The rural district council chairpersons were tasked with supervising their councillors to ensure the task is carried out smoothly.

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