Police warn of flash floods


Crime Reporter
POLICE have warned members of the public visiting Beitbridge to be wary of flash floods, which have hit the town affecting more than 700 people.

In a statement, chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the country has been experiencing incessant rains for some time, a situation which is likely to continue.

“The police would like to warn motorists and the public in general visiting Beitbridge and other areas where heavy rains are being experienced not to cross flooded rivers and bridges.

“We also advise children not to swim in water bodies as they risk drowning or being swept away by water currents. In areas where floods might occur we urge people to move to safe ground,” she said.

On Monday, the Civil Protection Unit said the number of people affected by flash floods in the town had risen from 583 to 777.

The victims were from 76 houses near Dulibadzimu Bus Terminus which houses 225 households. Among those affected were 492 adults and 285 children.

The town received around 107mm of rainfall on Friday, the highest ever per day in the last seven years.

Weather projections say a similar storm will be witnessed in the town between Friday and Sunday night.

Most of the flood victims had to sleep on rooftops after the floods reached waist level.

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