UAE Embassy, Sharjah Charity Society organise fasting Iftar party, provide food aid to villages

Herald Correspondent

During the month of Ramadan in 2024, from March 13 to 18, the UAE Embassy in Zimbabwe collaborated with the Sharjah Charitable Society to distribute breakfast meals in various villages in Zimbabwe.

This initiative is part of Sharjah Charitable Society’s global project “Iftar for a Fasting Person’, which aims to provide breakfast meals to 250,000 people in 43 countries.

The project is a yearly effort by the society to support those in need at the beginning of Ramadan and complement its humanitarian aid programmes worldwide.

In Zimbabwe, UAE Embassy staff and Sharjah Charitable Society volunteers participated in establishing the “Iftar for a Fasting Person “project in villages near Harare, the capital.

Officials of the UAE Embassy in Harare and the Sharjah Charitable Society spent a full day with the families and children of the villages to engage in cultural exchange and learn about customs and traditions.

Both Muslims and non-Muslim in these villages observe Ramadan, reflecting the society’s commitment to supporting diverse communities globally. Food supplies were distributed to the villages as part of the initiative.

In preparation for the breakfast distribution, the Embassy, in collaboration with Sharjah Charitable Society, organised various activities such as a competition to memorise the Holy Qur’an for individuals of different ages in the villages.

Dr Jassim Alqasimi, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Zimbabwe, highlighted that their country’s goal is to provide aid to both Muslims and non-Muslims during Ramadan to promote a culture of tolerance and uphold principles that prioritise the well-being of all individuals regardless of their religion, race, or gender.

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