Be optimistic in every situation


Charles  Mungoshi Jr : Versatile Fufu

Step up in your mental streaming – what do you spend your time thinking about? There is something you need to change in the alignment of your thought system or pattern Presley! What do the images you see daily communicate to your mind? Is it the dullness of life found in the struggle of not being where you wish you where? What is it? Are you that optimistic guy, who sees the light in every situation he is faced with? The truth is you define the course of your life!You are the one who tells if it is dark or bright! Presley you need to grasp the reality buried in thoughts being a metamorphic agent. Don’t live in assumptions of things going the way you not so sure of. Have a sure knowledge of what you want.

You need to let your eyes view things separately from what you are challenged with. What you see daily shapes your attitude towards life. Learn not to react to situations but try to respond.

When you react you always run your action in line with your heart pondered thought system. A response is looking at the matter with your founding mentality not influencing the decision. This is the nature of existence Presley – you define what you see and understand in a picture by your actions. There is nothing that can easily shape life than having a mind that can see everything in the light of positivity. Presley, don’t be colour blind – treat yourself to a great painting of true bright colours.

There is no way anyone can tell you what you are seeing better than you can tell what you are seeing. No one will tell you it is red when you are seeing pink and take their word for it because the visuals you are seeing bears witness of their reality within your heart.

Let your eyes see things with a grounding of brightness and interpret them to be great in action. Don’t fear what you see and hide in the blur picture of the problems you face daily. Take every situation to be an expo of great paintings.

You hold all authority to say what you are seeing and not what someone else is telling you to see. Don’t clog your visual abilities with looking at the same pictures – move around and see different pictures.

You are the only one who can tell the colours of the picture and make sure you see them as the new age in your life. You are created to believe anything you want to believe so let the colours you communicate to your mentality be a driving force to joy and unending success.

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