Police to heavily deploy officers during festive season Traffic police officers mann a roadblock in Eastlea, Harare yesterday. Picture by Innocent Makawa

Herald Reporter
Police say they will heavily deploy officers on major highways, residential areas, industrial and Central Business Districts and conduct increased foot and motorised patrols on all major and feeder roads, checking for wanted persons and those who move around with stolen property.

In a statement yesterday, police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga warned drivers not to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances which could affect their judgment on the roads.

He said the festive season was characterized by a lot of movements as the volume of traffic increased on the roads.

“Zimbabweans normally take this opportunity to visit relatives, friends and engage in various social activities. Of particular interest is the issue of road traffic accidents which take centre stage during this period. It is sad to note that most road traffic accidents during the festive season are caused by speeding, drunken driving, misjudgment, overtaking errors, failure to observe traffic rules and regulations and mechanical faults.

“Motorists must therefore ensure that vehicles are roadworthy before embarking on journeys and avoid using worn out tyres especially during this rainy season,” he said.

Traffic police officers mann a roadblock in Eastlea, Harare yesterday. Picture by Innocent Makawa

All defective vehicles and those not displaying number plates would be accounted for by police officers.

“We are also appealing to travellers not to board private and unregistered vehicles, especially mushikashika, as others have lost lives, property and some have been left injured after attacks by criminals using these vehicles.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police will work together with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), Vehicle Examination Department (VED), ZINARA and other stakeholders to conduct awareness campaigns. This therefore entails the need for vigilance on the part of road users.

“It is paramount for all to recognise that road safety is a collective responsibility.

Besides traffic issues, police would also deploy officers to curb robbery, murder, rape, stock theft and unlawful entry cases. We urge the public to secure their premises and property during the holidays,” said Comm-Gen Matanga.

He advised the public not to move around with large sums of money or keep such amounts at home or business premises to prevent  robbery cases.

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