Platform for upcoming fashion designers Carol Wutaunashe
Carol Wutaunashe

Carol Wutaunashe

Peter Tanyanyiwa Arts Correspondent
A new fashion show dubbed “The streets-My Runway” is expected to take place on November 7, at LongCheng Plaza. The event is being organised by Encore Productions, an events company which has dominated the fashion industry for years. Most designers who will take part in this event are students. The organisers say they are looking for originality and creativity.

“We have created a platform for these young and enthusiastic designers to show us their originality. This event generally was inspired by the need to bring the designers back to their original dream,” said Encore Productions director Nobuhle Nyoni.

“It is a natural phenomenon that when a designer first starts, he or she has an image of what and how their garments would be worn but they eventually get stuck in trends so we are offering them a chance to express their dream.

“Designers often get lost in trends and forget to express themselves as they should hence this fashion show is supposed to give them an opportunity to show us their definition of real fashion. The event will provide designers with a platform to showcase the art in the fashion industry and boost the designers’ confidence before coming out into the open with their designs.”

Each designer will have a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 designs.

Although it is a street fashion show, the organisers have said they will also be exhibiting different fashion including Avant-garde, Haute Couture and more. Designers expected to lead the showcase include Maison De Rouge, Blissy Designs, Eclectique Couture, Maricko Nation, Muza Couture, Cici Fashions, Afro Kreations, Trendy A&C and Carol Wutawunashe.

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