Plans to curb accidents along Glen Eagles road gather pace

23 May, 2022 - 11:05 0 Views
Plans to curb accidents along Glen Eagles road gather pace Mr Makahamadze

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SOUTHERTON Constituency Community Development Trust (SCCDT) has partnered Harare City Council in construction of humps and pedestrian cross markings along Glen Eagles road to reduce road traffic accidents.

The development came following an outcry from residents of both Lochnivar and Southerton citing that infants from junior schools are facing difficulties to cross the road as they board and disembarking buses.

Revelations of the collaboration emanated during an all stakeholders meeting held at High Glen round about which consisted of the City of Harare’ roads engineers, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) senior officers, Traffic Safety Council (TSC), heads from surrounding schools as well as residents from Lochnivar and Southerton.

SCCDT is an organisation that represents residents’ interests and has been involved in a number of humanitarian works in Southerton and other areas.

Many lives were claimed as a result of accidents along the road including a recent one of an adult female who was run over and died on the spot at Eaglesvale as she tried to cross to the compound adjacent to the school.

Glen Eagles road is one of the busiest roads in Harare which connects to Budiriro and Aspindale industrial area and in regard to this the gesture would assist in reducing accidents along the road as motorists are forced to reduce speed.

The humps and carriage markings would be positioned at areas where mostly school children cross especially at Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF) which is strategically for pupils from Lonchivar primary school and farmers at the auction floor to enable them to cross without difficulties.

Other positions set for this development include Eagles school to enable buses with school children enter Glen Eagles road as well as at the gate of Sally Mugabe Hospital to enable patients to enter access the health institution with less difficulties.

The City of Harare will provide labour and expertise while SCCDT will cater for the materials needed to commence the developments anytime this week.

Also other areas cited during the meeting were Birmingham and Lobengula road which poses challenges for people living with disabilities from both Jairos Jiri Association and Ruvimbo Special school to cross.

SCCDT chairman Mr Andrew Makahamadze said the trust’s dream was to ensure that the lives of residents are protected moving with President Mnangagwa’s mantra of living no place and no one behind.

Mr Makahamadze, who is the Zanu PF shadow legislator for Southerton, said he was spearheading a number of other life-transforming projects in the constituency in tandem with the national aspirations on Vision 2030.

“As SCCDT we are living within the President’s mantra of living no place and no one behind. We are doing this to serve lives as most young pupils who are the future of our nation are perishing due to accidents,” said Mr Makahamadze.

“Our President is a listening president so as his lieutenants we have to do the same. Our quick response came about following an outcry from residents owing to the increase of road traffic accidents along Glen Eagles road,” he said.

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