Pastor Chiriseri ready for work The late Apostle Chiriseri
The late Apostle Chiriseri

The late Apostle Chiriseri

Samantha Chigogo: Herald Correspondent

Pastor Petunia Chiriseri who was involved in a horrific car accident that killed her husband Apostle Charles Chiriseri in September last year, says she has fully recovered and is fit to resume her pastoral duties.Pastor Chiriseri and her late husband, the founder of His Presence Ministries International, were involved in a car crash in September last year after their vehicle hit a donkey near Mbembesi, along the Bulawayo-Harare Road.

Pastor Chiriseri was in intensive care for several weeks until her recovery. In a statement yesterday, Pastor Chiriseri confirmed her fitness and readiness to carry on with spreading the word of God.

“Now that I can just about walk again, I am ready to preach this Gospel and serve my nation, with a greater passion than ever before,” she said.

“My apostolic and prophetic husband left our family, our church and our school in impeccable order, making it easier to take up the baton stick, and I continue to salute him for his obedience to God.”

Pastor Chiriseri said she would continue strengthening her husband’s legacy.

“He completed our double-storey LIS School buildings in Greystone Park, and together with other men and women of God, officially dedicated the school to our Lord Jesus Christ, ensuring that a legacy of solid Christian and family values are entrenched in the school ethos,” she said.

“Because of the $600 per term for the life of the child at Legacy, a pioneer’s promotion ending soon, which my husband and I introduced as a way of giving back to the community what we have also benefited, the dedicated staff of LIS look forward to opening doors tomorrow to all our new students.”

She said her ministry would continue setting good education standards as a foundation set by her late husband.

“Our top-notch educationist and co-director, Mrs Katie Greener, former deputy head of the Heritage School, continues to fly the Legacy flag high with her national dedication to music, speech and drama wherein NIAA entries and successes are part of our LIS history,” Pastor Chiriseri said.

“Our full day Enriched and Extended Curriculum programme reduces the pressure of school runs; our staff combined-wealth of experience, high standards of education and high levels of excellence, ensure that our Legacy champions become able leaders and rise to the top wherever they go for high school and beyond.”

She expressed gratitude to several international and local partners in Christ that helped her in mourning her late husband as well as praying for her recovery.

“We take this opportunity to wish the nation a Happy New Year and to express our most sincere gratitude to Zimbabweans and Christians worldwide for mourning with us and for the amazing love, support and prayers offered before, during and after the send-off of a beloved husband, father, friend, mentor and Apostle Charles Chiriseri,” said Pastor Chiriseri.

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