New motivational book to empower young people Liberty Mwariwangu
Liberty Mwariwangu

Liberty Mwariwangu

Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Motivational speaker and life coach Liberty Mwariwangu SR has published a motivational book, “Dare Your Dreams, Challenge Your Limits” which is aimed at empowering the youth.

In the book, Mwariwangu gives reference to prominent people like Justin Bieber, Tiger Woods and Serena Williams.

“This book will nurture young people and amplify the potential within them. Justin Bieber became a millionaire at a very young age and people like Tiger Woods and Serena Williams are being paid to do what they love. I believe everyone has a gift and after reading this book, you will discover yours,” he said in an interview.

Liberty Mwariwangu also said he wrote “Dare Your Dreams, Challenge Your Limits” based from his personal experiences.

“In this book, I communicate from my soul. I know there are a lot of motivational books that say the same things over and over again but mine is based from personal experiences. There was a time when I was dead broke and in my book, I have shared the steps I took to overcome my financial problems,” he said.

The book finally comes out after three years of hard work and research and it was influenced by an unfortunate incident.

“On November 10, 2014, I woke up to the devastating news that Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife had died in a Plane Crash. I am a big fan of his motivational works so when I heard about his death, I decided to mourn him doing what he knew best, which is writing. That day, I grabbed my computer and started writing this book and I am happy that after three years of working hard, it is finally done,” said Liberty Mwariwangu.

Renowned author, Rabison Shumba described the book as a pass for success.

“Reading this book injects into your system the “I CAN” attitude which assures you that you are a candidate for success,” he said.

The book will be officially launched on July 6 at Jazz 24 /7.

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