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Neighbours in court over boundary dispute

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

A dispute emanating from stand boundaries have landed two neighbours in court to settle the matter.

Harare magistrate Ms Tamara Chibindi granted an order not to be insulted, harassed or threatened to Tawanda Chakara by Sekai Karitau whom he had reported to the Harare Civil Court.

Ms Chibindi however, advised both parties that her court had no jurisdiction to deal with land issues.

Chakara told the court that Karitau was continuously insulting him with obscene language.

“She is constantly moving my stand boundary and has planted a hedge which has encroached into my stand.

“Recently, I had to cut the hedge and since then, she has been insulting me using obscene language in front of my children,” he said.

Responding to the allegations, Karitau said the stand used to belong to the applicant’s older brother who knew the correct boundaries but he died in 2009.

She said instead, it was Chakara who was interfering in her stand.

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