Munya, Adiona to reconcile

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Munya, Adiona to reconcile

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been a slew of criticism on Munya for breaking up with Adiona, the mother of his 10-month-old son called Pfumai.
News about the break up which first appeared in our sister paper The Sunday Mail last week riled most fans, who roundly condemned Munya affectionately known as the “Diamond Boy”.

Speaking through a family spokesperson, Joe Tichaona, the Diamond Boy assured fans that the couple was resolving the “issues amicably”.

“Fans to the Big Brother All Stars 2010 finalist can now rest assured that the couple are working on mutually resolving their issues. Pertaining to reports in the Press, Munya has today (yesterday) made a clarification of the issue.

“The news concerning Munya’s private life that has worried all of his fans, has been an issue of serious concern to the young couple, as ‘reports’ carried out in the press have caused so much worry among their supporters, peers, families and friends.

“But please have some peace of mind as the couple has agreed to attend to their relationship and solve their differences amicably,” Tichaona said in a statement.
He said due to media reports and public outcry, the “Lobola” star and his wife decided to act in the best of interest of their families over the break up.

“They have both agreed to respect each others decision, as they chart progressive ways to dealing with their issues,” Tichaona said.
“The couple had been having some differences that sparked the ‘break-up’ but have decided to work through this situation as they have been appalled by responses from certain sections of the media, a development which deeply upset his fans,” Tichaona said.

He, however, admitted that the reports about the “break up” had ultimately led to immature judgments and caused “understandable public reactions”.
He said the celebrity couple has been staying together since October last year but the affair had been on shaky grounds.

Munya is currently focusing on youth development through social entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, as well as shooting the promising blockbuster film titled “The Gentlemen”.
The film will star Munya in the lead role as well as Presley Chweneyagae who starred in the Oscar winning film “Tsotsi” and ex-Big Brother All Stars housemate, the Kenyan beauty Sheila Kwamboka among others.

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