Mozambique-Namutequeliua: Where the living compete for space with the dead

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Mozambique-Namutequeliua: Where the living compete for space with the dead

The Herald

Maputo (AIM-New Ziana) -Residents of the Unidade Communal (communal unit) Marien Ngouabi, Muhala administrative post on the outskirts of Nampula in the north of the country, have invaded a local cemetery and are disturbing the eternal rest of the deceased by erecting dwellings there.

The new residents consider the situation quite normal, and have no intention of leaving the place, Ana Alberto, who has lived in the cemetery for three years, said.

“I arrived in this area out of desperation and without a place to live. I have been in this area since 2019. I am unemployed and I practice informal commerce to, at least, get a suitable place to live,” he said.

But he admitted: “Many young people use this cemetery for drug use and other things at night.”

Another citizen who decided to build her house among the tombs is young Natércia José. She is only there because of her husband, she says, adding: “I am not happy that some people use the graves to carry out various activities. I have two children, and I will not let them play here.”

Custódio Alfredo, another cemetery resident, says the biggest concern is the young people who use the place for drug consumption.

“I have no other option, that’s why I’m here, close to the graves. Our situation is regrettable and painful, because the evildoers, after practising their activities in the dead of night, take refuge in this cemetery as their hiding place,” he says.

Fátima Ali, the head of the block where the cemetery is located, concedes that the situation is worrying, and says people have been urging the residents to leave. – AIM-New Ziana

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