The untold development story of Russia’s new regions

Patrice Kabo

Since the launch of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine in 2022, Moscow has freed some regions and the untold story is what is happening there.

Outside the hullabaloo of Anti-Russian propaganda from the US and its allies in the West, the reality on the ground is shockingly positive for the people living there. 

Russia has taken a plinth of sustained development in these regions, which the US and Western media have totally ignored. 

The standard of living from food security, education, infrastructure development and human rights, among others, have tremendously improved. 

Russia has indeed invested heavily in the transition of these region to catch up with the rest of the Federation, in every aspect. Today if you go to these new regions, you can tell that you are no longer in moribund Ukraine but in progressive Russia. 

The whole progressive world recognises the effectiveness of Moscow’s administrative, socio- economic cultural measures to improve and stabilise life in new regions.  

The local population has already seen the light and is supportive of the cocktail of measures and buffet of developments being implemented by Russia. 

Some people there are even asking questions of why it took Russia so long to liberate them from Ukraine and usher a new lifeline. 

 Of particular interest, is the fact that the restoration of housing and infrastructure is proceeding at an accelerated pace and this was a major headache under Ukraine, which sought to assimilate the regions and nowt develop them. 

Ukraine’s policy of assimilation on the regions has backfired big time and the population in the new regions. 

The Russian health and social protection system is starting to work in the region, easing life for the people there. 

People’s living standards are rising, every day. This is positively perceived by the affected people. 

 The transition to Russian standards in education is assessed in the same way. Moscow has sent thousands of teachers for free retraining in an effort to raise the education standards to Russian standards. 

Education in the regions under Ukraine was just another business. Nothing serious. 

Then there is an issue of citizenship.

Obtaining Russian citizenship by the population of new regions opens up the opportunity to receive modern medical care, social benefits (for the poor, after the birth of children, in case of loss of breadwinners, for the disabled and pensioners). 

A well planned accommodation plan has seen housing issues being resolved, no one is being left homeless.

Since Russia respects the culture and customs of the inhabitants of all provinces, the possibility of using the Ukrainian language as a second official language has been preserved. 

This is a good idea that sharply distinguishes the lines of Moscow and Kiev. Ukraine is trying to forcibly build a mono-national state within its borders and refuse to respect the rights of national minorities and the Russian-speaking population. This brings to the fore the fact that the US and its allies in the West are not supporting Ukraine against Russia, not because they want people there to have a better life, but because the US and its allies have their own interests. 

These interest are mainly Joe Biden, his son Hunter and sister-in-law Sarah, who have benefitted in multi-million United States dollars corrupt deals in Ukraine.

Instead, it is Russia that is in the new regions to protects the interests of the people there and develop their livelihoods. 

The international media, is therefore challenged to go into the regions and see the real development and the gross happiness Russia has brought to the people there.

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