Mlalazi shares Zambian tour experience

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Mlalazi shares  Zambian tour experience Everton Mlalazi

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GOSPEL music singer Everton Mlalazi is proving to be one of the best singers in that genre with his powerful voice, bold personality and openness about himself in public. 

Sometimes fame and popularity can lead people towards depression and anxiety. 

Due to such reasons, celebrities corner themselves and stop interacting with people or inactive their social media accounts and take themselves to the dark. 

Although he went through a lot, Mlalazi is overcoming the ills that haunt several other gospel musicians through exploiting his personality to his advantage.

Recently, he opened up about his upbringing at the Homecoming Show he hosted in Bulawayo.

For the first time hearing his story, other gospel singers who were part of the cast at the show stood still shocked by the story.

Mlalazi spoke about his upbringing and how he grew up without all the necessities of life and how he struggled to enter the music industry because of lack of money.

But things have turned around for him.

Mlalazi had a good start this year with awards on his shelf, releasing singles, hosting epic shows with much talked about stage setting.

As we move towards the end of the year, Mlalazi is already owning 2022.

He has been one of the greatest local gospel artiste in 2022 and he has all the achievements to show for it.

Last week, Mlalazi was on the Nash Gospel Vibes with his most downloaded song, “Moya Oingcwele”. 

Now he has spread his wings further as recently he was invited to take part at the just-ended FNB WOW Festival in Lusaka, Zambia.

The festival was held last Saturday, but as “man of the people” Mlalazi kept his fans glued to his social media platform, Instagram, as he was updating them about the show.

To demonstrate his openness, Mlalazi interacted with his fans during a question and answer session on social media at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mlalazi, who leads gospel outfit The Vine, spoke glowingly about his participation at the recent show in Zambia, which he said was a learning curve.

“To sum it up all, I would describe the tour as amazing and electrifying,” he said. “It also shows that my music is evolving with each passing day. 

“When I got the invite, I was sceptical if I was going to have cheers in Lusaka, but when I went on stage I was very surprised to see a lot of Zimbabweans singing along to my songs. It gave me energy to do more.”

Mlalazi said the FNB WOW festival was held over  two days.

“The concerts were headlined by Travis Green and Minister GUC. I was representing Zimbabwe. Before the performances, we shared some nuggets with high-profile musicians and men of God. 

“I said to myself that 2022 was my year as new doors continue to open every time.” 

Mlalazi said performing in Zambia changed his way of thinking in the music sector.

“I started music as a hobby, but now I am treating it more as a profession. The tour has changed my life and I am no longer the same. 

“I thank God for the opportunity of which if more of our local artistes had the same experience, we would be talking  of something else. I learnt about love, support, unity and appreciation of being an artiste during my stay.” 

Asked what was next on his itinerary, the “Ndokutevera” hit maker hinted that next week he will be in South Africa for another major tour.

“The Vine tour dubbed The Great Physician tour begins in South Africa, Johannesburg, and will be headlined by the Soweto Gospel Choir, The Orchestra, Ntokozo Mbambo, Mahalia Buchanan and Mabongi Mabaso. We are just taking the same concept to foreign lands,” he said.

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