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ON Friday gospel singer, Mathias Mhere, will launch his eighth album- “Greater than Solomon” – which is set to inspire many people through songs laden with repentance and restoration messages.

The 10-track album, to be launched at The Venue in Avondale in the capital, also gives sermons on the gospel of redemption. Mhere, in the album, assumed the role of a preacher who trying to reach out to the people in a community filled with evil calling them to look up to God.

In his song titled “Ndizarurire” Mhere prays to God for intervention into the lives of people living miserably and failing to prosper in their lives.

Mhere also tells of how some people are fond of suppressing and wishing others bad in their lives.

He then prays to the Lord to intervene and also show the ‘‘sinners’’ light for them to repent.

“Because of different backgrounds there might be doors of prosperity that have been closed by some people. In the song we are saying God unlock and open the doors for them,” he said.

Mhere talks of consequences faced by people who use juju to amass wealth in the song ‘‘Mai John’’.

He also lambasts people who establish churches in a bid to siphon money from congregants and enrich themselves.

Mhere prays in the song that people follow the godly routes when establishing their churches and find clean ways of earning a living.

“We are saying no, use the righteous means, repent and follow God’s ways,” said Mhere. He roped in the services of Jah Prayzah to spread the Word on the song “Jerusarema” where he speaks of salvation and restoration.

He called all people who has been entangled in the world of evil to seek God. The “Favour” hitmaker and Jah Prayzah urges people to board the worshipping train saying it was where blessings comes from.

Mhere also preaches of guidance in the song “Hembe Yemubhero” where a parent tells a child of being faithful.

The song equates a human body to a temple which is sacred.

He also talks of self-respect, counselling the child on issues of infidelity.

Mhere’s “Jericho” tells of how worshippers are tempted and the problems associated with such temptations.

He said people, especially those who are prone to such temptations should remain vigilant like the biblical Jericho. Love, tenderness and kindness are well spoken of in the song “Munhu Haasekwe”.

“You know life changes and if you find one in a certain situation do not think that person will live forever in that condition. God is full of surprises and He can uplift that person anytime. In the song we encourage people to help each other and love one another,” said Mhere.

Mhere also tells of how certain things can be used by Satan to influence your life in the song “Kamushini”.

He encourages people to be on the ‘‘high alert’’ of such things as the devil operates in different ways. Mhere said people should not allow the devil to penetrate into their family and life.

It encourages people to desist from evil. But he celebrates the gifts and blessings from God in the song “Jakuchichi”.

He revisited the life of his late brother in a song “Chipangamazano”, which he said are testimonies of a life his brother lived.

The album also carries the track “Waisiya Nyika” which expresses how God and the church at large celebrates when one is transformed and looked upon by the Lord.

Mhere preaches the importance of unity, especially among countries when it comes to gospel, in a song he collaborated with Malawian Skeffa Chimoto titled “Nyika Dzibatane”.

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