Simuka Comedy in stand-up workshops

17 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Simuka Comedy in stand-up workshops Doc Vikela

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Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
One of the pioneering stand-up comedy platforms, Simuka Comedy, will once again boost aspiring comedians with workshops on how to perform and write jokes this month end.

This time partnering with Creative Factory Hub, Simuka Comedy is targeting at least 30 comedy enthusiasts who will go through rigorous training on June 28 at the aforementioned hub.

Simuka Comedy co-founder Victor Mpofu a.k.a Doc Vikela said the aim at growing the local comedy industry.

“The main objective is to grow our talent pool as Simuka Comedy at the same time equipping those that want to use humour in different aspects but are not necessarily comedians,” he said.

Stand-up comedy has been slowly growing over the years with most of the new faces coming through Simuka Comedy workshops.

Doc Vikela said the industry still need more voices.

“We have been doing workshops since 2013 producing what are now some of the celebrated names in the country among them Kadem the Comic, Tinaye Wayne, Long John, Ian Phiri, Magi, and Boss Kedha,” he said.

Amon the aforementioned comedians, Long John is now one of the most celebrated comedians from Zimbabwe touring the continent and rubbing shoulders with other big names from his South African base.

Kadem and Tinaye Wayne have also been doing very well, founding and establishing performance platforms locally. “So far we only have five people registered to perform but many people have been showing a lot of interest,” said Doc Vikela.

Those willing to participate in the workshops are required to pay a registration fee of RTGS$30.

Simuka Comedy is a stand-up comedy performance platform that brings together comedians to perform at different venues.

Their regular shows are at Reps Theatre, Alliance Francaise and Jasen Mphepho Little Theatre.

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