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MDC-A youths threaten Chamisa rivals

05 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views
MDC-A youths threaten Chamisa rivals Mr Chamisa

The Herald

Nesia Mhaka and Andrew Dengu
MDC-Alliance’S Harare provincial youth assembly have declared anyone challenging Mr Nelson Chamisa for the presidency at the congress in May as “the enemy”.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, the MDC-Alliance youth assembly Harare Province also declared anyone with presidential aspirations, a Zanu-PF agent bent on destroying the opposition party.

The MDC-Alliance Harare Youth Assembly vice chairman councillor Stanley Manasi Manyenga, who struggled to read the Press statement, said they do not expect any other candidate other than Mr Chamisa in a clear show of dictatorship in a presumably democratic party.

“As Harare for the meantime we have our candidate. Ours is president Advocate Chamisa. Anyone who is dreaming of contesting Nelson Chamisa is declaring himself enemy of Harare Province youth assembly,” he said.

The provincial assembly declared only the vice presidency and other lower positions open for a contest.

“Again the issue of allowing any other candidate to campaign, definitely there is no way we will hinder that, but here in Harare we have decided to endorse president Chamisa so we do not expect any other candidate because for any candidate to be a presidential candidate he or she should get a nomination first. As Harare we are saying we are not going to give anyone our nomination other than president Chamisa. So that is the position,” said Clr Manyenga.




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