Masembura man in court for kidnapping

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

Wencelous Dzapasi, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court for allegedly assaulting and kidnapping the Director of Geo Hydro drilling company that he had engaged to provide a service for him.

Dzapasi (32) who comes from Jingo Village, under Chief Masembura in Bindura was arraigned before Magistrate Ms Yeukai Dzuda facing kidnapping charges.

The trial continues today with Dzapasi giving his defence.

The complainant is Joseph Chirisa.

The State alleged that on July 31 last year, Dzapasi and his brother Marvellous Dzapasi who is still at large phoned Chirisa advising that the borehole he had drilled had collapsed.

Chirisa and his team went to Bindura to check what had happened. Upon arrival, there was a misunderstanding between the two parties as the duo had told Chirisa to drill another borehole for them at his own expense.

He refused to drill another borehole at his expense.

Wencelous then kidnapped Chirisa at around 2pm and took away his US$20 that was in his wallet.

He then called his brother Marvellous, who came in company of some youths from the area whom he referred to as officers to guard Chirisa all night.

On the same night, Marvelous assaulted Chirisa with fists and vehicle jumper cables. He also poured cold water and mud on him while calling him a thief.

He was forced to drill another borehole that night with his team and they complied.

The following day, Chirisa was taken to Chirodzero Shopping Centre under the pretext that they wanted to make a payment.

However, upon arrival, they took him to a lawyer and forced him to sign some affidavits agreeing that he would meet all the costs of the borehole drilling and would refund Wencelous the money he had used to buy some materials needed for the borehole.

After he signed the documents, they searched his bag and took away his US$890 that was in one of the jacket pockets, borehole setting equipment, shaving sticks, leather jacket and Itel cell phone.

They released Chirisa at around 6pm at the business Centre.

Wencelous denied the allegation arguing that Chirisa was only trying to evade refunding him the money for borehole drilling since he did a poor job.

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