Major facelift for Sanyati Road

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GOVERNMENT has partnered Sanyati Rural District Council to construct a 100-kilometre dual carriageway that is expected to spur economic activity in the predominantly cotton farming and gold mining area.

The initiative will see the replacement of the damaged strip road, which has not been repaired in years, with a tarred dual carriageway.

Construction work has already begun, with the initial phase expected to cost more than $500 000.

Speaking to The Herald during a tour of the road works last week, Sanyati Rural District Council chief executive Mr Achim Shadaya said Government had chipped in with some funds for the first phase.

“The first phase is targeting 10 km and it started about three weeks ago. It is progressing quite well and the second phase started on Tuesday,” he said.

“We are happy that things are moving as planned. The project is being undertaken in partnership with the Central Mechanical and Equipment Department (CMED), Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development and private players. The remaining phases along Golden Valley-Sanyati Road depends on completion of the first two phases.”

CMED is providing some of the equipment that is being used in the project, which is expected to expedite the process.

Mr Shadaya said the project is being carried out in phases as the money is being released in tranches.

Council, he said, is also tarring a separate road in conjunction with the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration.

At least 1,3 km of the Patchway-Chakari Road is being rehabilitated at a cost of about $350 000.

Completion of the Sanyati Road will bring relief to motorists and people who transport their produce along the road, which is now in an advanced state of disrepair.

The poor state of the roads had resulted in transport costs increasing significantly, thereby eating into the farmers’ profits.

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