Macheso charms Dubai

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Macheso charms Dubai Alick Macheso on stage in Dubai

The Herald

Zvakwana Sweto in Dubai, UAE.

King of sungura and Orchestra Mberikwazvo front man, Alick Macheso delivered a sparkling and energetic performance at his maiden Dubai show recently.

The musician performed at the Secret Lounge, Grand Excelsior hotel Al Barshaia.

Despite a low turnout, fans who braved the long distance drive all the way from Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Al Ain, got value for their money as they enjoyed good music, blended with energy-sapping choreography from the dancers and a snippet from talented Majuice.

Majuice doubled as the drummer and dancer.

The nimble-footed dancer earned love from the enthusiastic crowd which he fed with his outstanding dancing skills leaving them literally licking their hands.

Some have said that the low turnout was caused by the sudden change of date of the show from 5 to 6 August due to the fact that some of the Orchestra Mberikwazvo band members did not arrived on time.

Throughout the performance, Macheso could be seen humbly lowering his head in respect, to the honour rendered by his fans as they could sing along to every song.

Singing yesteryear songs, he could not do anything but marvel in awe to the following that he commands in the number one tourist destination city, Dubai.

Macheso performed without key member and hypeman, Jonasi Kasamba who missed the show due to the death of his mother in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The band allowed him to travel and mourn his mother.

The “Chikokopo” hit maker is on this tour to promote his 12th album titled “Tinosvitswa Nashe,” which he recently launched. From Dubai, Macheso headed to Australia where he is set to perform in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from tomorrow and until August 20.

He will complete the tour with a performance in Leicester, the United Kingdom on August 28, sharing the stage with Thomas Mapfumo and Tocky Vibes.

One of Macheso’s “die-hard” fans, Reason Chakara said the “problem” with Macheso’s performances was that one cannot get enough of them.

“Our thirst for Macheso music will not be quenched. You could see the way people ululated and danced to every song. He is in a league of his own. Come to think of it, the venue here is not even full but he is committed to his work and is dedicated to delivering to the fans,” said Chakara.

His performance was cut short due to the strict laws in Dubai that govern public performance and the time of such events.

By 3AM, Macheso was still performing and had a torrid time ending the show.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Macheso said he wanted to take his music everywhere. “I am honoured to perform to such amazing fans and supporters of Mberikwazvo. Their attendance means a lot to us and it is through them that we keep on delivering good music,” he said.

“What impressed me is the fact that they could sing along to songs on the new album, meaning that I owe it to the media especially the journalists and radio disc jockeys who are working hard to help spread our music.”

Opening the show was the talented Gemma Griffiths who also proved her mettle as she put up a scintillating act.

Her singing talent was appreciated by many who visibly enjoyed her set.

The rendition of Winky D’s hit, “Musarova Bigman” was well-received and certainly earned her lot of fans.

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