Luck runs out for poachers

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Luck runs out for poachers

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Court Reporter
Two poachers who pleaded guilty to killing three duikers and a hare at Mucheche Farm in Beatrice were asked to pay a fine of $400 or face two months jail term. The duo were found in possession of two rifles and ammunition which belonged to Elijah Chirawu. Chirawu of Chitungwiza and Takudzwa Mavhunga appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Oliver Mudzongaiso, facing charges of contravening Section 59 (1) (b) of Parks and Wildlife Act Chapter 20: 14 (hunting or removing any animal without permission).

They were also charged with under the Firearm Act Chapter 10:09 of failing to comply with any condition. Mr Mudzongaiso sentenced Chirawu to two months in prison or $300 fine, while Mavhunga was given 30 days jail term or $100 fine. The firearm and ammunitions were returned to the owner.

The prosecutor Mr Tendai Katonha told the court that on January 17, the two poachers went to Mucheche Farm without permission. In their defence, the duo said they were illegally hired by a colleague they did not intend to patrol his field.

It is alleged that the duo were using a motor vehicle which had a big torch and had some ammunition and two firearms.

While on patrol, they then killed a hare and three duikers.

After shooting the animals, they were heard by some police officers who were on patrol on the other side of the farm.

Upon seeing the police officers, the duo tried to speed off, but their car got stuck in the mud, resulting in them being caught.

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