Lower Sixth enrolment dates unchanged


Rutendo Rori Herald Reporter
Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora has said the planned enrolment of Lower Sixth pupils in the second term will not be implemented this year, refuting rumours the enrolment date had been pushed back.

Parents and other stakeholders complained about the enrolment of Lower Sixth pupils in the last month of the second term, which they said wasted their resources and those of the schools.

Dr Dokora said in an interview last week the enrolment of Lower Sixth students in the second term was under a roll out plan but would not be implemented this year.

“This year, the Ministry is going to concentrate on seminars and workshops with stakeholders so that everyone is updated. The year 2016 is phase one of the roll out plan. There is no implementation of ideas yet, but we will be meeting with stakeholders like school heads and our own teachers, and also we will be looking at the development of syllabi and production of manuals,” Dr Dokora said.

Dr Dokora said phase two would come in 2017 when when adopted ideas would be implemented. He said the Ministry’s aim was to ensure the new curriculum would be fully implemented by that year.

Dr Dokora’s deputy, Professor Paul Mavhima, said one of the roll out plans was to introduce life skills orientation for ordinary level students after their final examinations in November right through April when they begin their A-Level studies in the second term.

“At the moment schools should be considerate and charge fees that are reasonable as compared to the number of days that Lower Sixth pupils spend at school in the first term,” he said.

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