Lovezh unveils ‘Chikuru Kufema’

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Lovezh unveils ‘Chikuru Kufema’ Lovezh

The Herald

Vongai Mbara Arts Correspondent
Rising sungura musician Lovemore “Lovezh” Nherudzo unveiled his second album, “Chikuru Kufema” on Tuesday at East Point (formerly Jazz 105) in Harare.  The album, which is based on social commentary, is promising to make waves in the sungura industry.

“I am thrilled to deliver my second album. It has been a rocky journey but I thank my fans for the love and support. ‘Chikuru Kufema’ is now here and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do” said Lovezh.

The guest of honor was Zimbabwe Tourism Authority representative Givemore Chidzidzi and he encouraged musicians to keep on making great music to extend Zimbabwe’s heritage.

“Tourism and music walk hand in hand.  As Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, we are very proud of our local musicians because they distribute our culture. When tourists come, they consume our music and they also take it back to their countries marketing our heritage. We will always support our musicians and I want to encourage you to keep on working hard and make great albums,” said Chidzidzi.

ZTA also gave Lovezh and his Bravestars Band a holiday weekend at Great Zimbabwe as part of its domestic tourism project. Performing at the launch were Progress Chipfumo, Somandla Ndebele, Jean Masters and Chirandu of the Black Identity Studios.

The six-track album has songs “Chikuru Kufema”, “Nherera”, “Amai”, “Kana Zvakaoma,”, “Ndopinda Pese Pese” and “Rumbidzwai”

It was produced by Kuda The Maestro at Black Identity Studios and the CD is going for $1 at Diamond and Black Identity studios. Lovezh said he is ready to take the album to his fans all over Zimbabwe.

“Very soon I will embark on a national tour to promote the album. I want it to reach all corners of the country. I will announce the dates soon, so you should watch out for when I will be in your area,” said Lovezh.

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