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2122: Justice Chigumba said ZEC has ensured that the electorate has been afforded the opportunity to elect its leaders.

“The voting atmosphere was peaceful. Even in the face of long queues, Zimbabweans exhibited tolerance. It’s sad that there was an unfortunate incident in Bulilima when a female voter collapsed and died at a polling station. Vote counting has commenced in most areas. Zimbabweans excised their right to vote in peace. Stakeholders should desist from announcing the results,”

2119:  ZEC press conference is about to start.

Justice Chigumba is about to address the media.

2034: In Mashonaland East, voter turnout as at 6 pm stood at 386 473. 211 830-female and 174 643 males. 28 883 assisted (old age and illiteracy) and 1 397 assisted blind voters. 6 024 turned away (no valid IDs or for not appearing on the voter’s roll).

2000: Vote counting is underway across the country.

1948: About 832 people had cast their votes at David Livingstone School in Harare Central by 6:30 pm. The presiding officer at the polling station said a total of 927 are registered to vote.

1947: By 6 pm, 210 544 people had voted in Mashonaland Central, 112 966 being females and 97 578 being males. 2 315 were turned away while 15 673 were assisted to vote.

1924: In Gwanda South so far 26 out of 33 polling stations have confirmed closing polling at 7 pm. The others are yet to confirm due to network challenges so the constituency Command Centre is still struggling to contact them. However, constituency elections officer Mr Ian Thwala is saying everything was smooth sailing, vote counting will soon begin in those polling stations they have confirmed to have closed.

1900: Voting has officially ended with most polling stations shutting their doors. Polling officers will take a 15-minute break before vote counting starts.

Ballot boxes getting sealed at a polling station in Warren Park

1849:  Voting has ended at most polling stations in Glen View North constituency with Zec officials now just waiting for the closure of polling at 7 pm.

1845: Harare Provincial Elections Officer Ms F Kurima says about 451 000 had voted as at 3 pm in Harare.

1808: Warren Park 1 Primary School polling station saw 594 had voted by 6 pm out of the 643 registered. Females 305 and males 289. No more queues. They are mostly waiting to count now.

1805: At Matobo South Command Centre at Maphisa RDC 11 482 had cast their votes in the constituency by 4 pm. Constituency elections officer Mr Norcan Nyamambi said 4436 men and 7046 women had voted.

1801: Mr Shingirai Chidhakwa, presiding officer for Chifamba Primary polling station 12, Guruve South said if granted permission they may extend the voting time as more people are flocking now to the polling station. More than a 100 people have not voted, as we are in the last hour of voting at Chifamba Primary School polling station.

Voting is expected to end and 7 pm but as at 6 pm long queues were still visible at Efusini tent A and B in Makokoba constituency. Polling booths have been increased from 3 to 5 because of the high turn out

1759: Harare Central constituency’s Ward 6, which has 13 polling stations, has seen 7 132 votes being cast by 5 pm.

1758: Ward 12, Guruve South, figures as at 4 pm: 609 voted with 247 males and females at Chifamba Primary School polling station. Turned away: 13 for not registered and reporting to the wrong station. Assisted: 53, for illiterate and visual impairment.

1749: At Heritage Primary school polling station a total number of 654 have voted. 306 female and 348 male. Seven people were turned away because they were not on voters roll, some were at the wrong polling station while one voter had not noticed that her passport had expired.

1745: A total of 18 024 voters had cast their ballots as at 3 pm in Dzivaresekwa ward 39 and 40 against a total of 32 338 registered voters. Figures for the assisted stands at 224 while 247 were turned away. 167 voters were re-directed.

The queues are now gone at Mbare’s Nenyere Shawasha grounds’ 9 polling stations

1739: Statistics as at 3 pm from the Manicaland Provincial Command Centre. A total of 345 062 people had voted. They comprised 154 313 males and 190 749 females. A total of 1 970 were assisted. These were 724 males and 1 246 females who have impaired vision. Other people assisted for various reasons totaled 31 687 with males making up 8 001 of the figure and females making up 23 686. There were 2 365 males who were turned away while 2 830 were females.

1724: In Redcliff 20 954 have cast their votes against a total of 29 681 from 62 polling stations and 14 wards.

1717: Most polling stations across Masvingo Urban are now virtually deserted with polling officers now waiting for voters who might still come before polling closes.A small queue remains at Vurombo Primary School where voting had to be temporarily stopped after a spoilt ballot paper inscribed Chamisa Chisa Chamisa was found in the voting booth police are investigating the incident.

1716: At St Anna Primary School in Matobo district 558 people had cast their votes by 4:30 pm. More can be seen in the queue. The presiding officer says more women are coming to vote. The voters roll has 538 women registered and 286 men. Four people were turned away for not having IDs. Two people redirected to correct polling stations. One was a misplaced voter whose name does not appear in the Matobo area but in Plumtree.

1713: As of 4 pm 13 929 had voted in Shurugwi South constituency. 1 336 were assisted to vote and 228 were turned away. The constituency elections officer confirmed that the number of voters had subsided in all the 54 polling stations around the constituency. The majority of polling stations in Gwanda South are now virtually empty with polling officers now sun basking waiting for the closure of voting at 7 pm.

1707: Presiding officers at Dangare Primary School A, B and AB polling stations in Ward 5, Mutare Central say they are confident that all registered voters intending to vote would be able to cast their vote before the prescribed 7 pm deadline. Statistics from the three polling stations indicate that 470 out of a registered 594, voters, 481 out of 604 and 459 out of 594 voters had cast their votes at the respective stations.

1606: A total of 512 people had voted at Aerodrome A Polling Station in Bindura North by 3 pm. 270 females and 242 males had voted, while one person was turned away after reporting to a wrong polling station. Six were assisted to vote. The polling station as virtually deserted with hopes that the situation will improve after 5 pm when some people return from work.

1536: In Goromonzi North, most polling stations have cleared the queues and people are trickling in to vote. At Musonza Secondary School polling station, 399 people had voted by 3 pm and 13 could not vote as they had gone to the wrong polling stations. These were assisted and directed to the correct polling stations. The presiding officer said there were long queues in the morning.

1534: In Gwanda South, the constituency elections officer Mr Ian Thwala revealed that as at 2 pm 5 352 voters had cast their ballots 2 244 being males and 3 108 females. Of the consolidated figure, they had 179 Males who were assisted and 293 females. 24 males and 17 females were turned away. He said voting has relatively been smooth sailing, no incidents of violence were reported. Mr Thwala said most polling stations recorded high figures in the morning but now most were empty adding that they expected the figure to rise as people try to beat the 7 pm closure time of the polling stations.

1533: 24 674 voters have so far cast their votes in Shurugwi North and South constituencies.

1512: Hwedza North candidate constituency, Mr Egypt Dzinemunenzva of Forces of Liberation Organization of African National Party has expressed optimism that he was going to win the election. He said he had fielded eight election agents from a list of 42 after they were allegedly threatened by political rivals. Other candidates include Cde David Musabayana of Zanu PF and Mr Tinashe Makare of MDC Alliance.

1510: At Hlalani Kuhle/Phetsheya tent number 5 in Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo, 334 people had cast their votes as at 2 pm with 900 registered voters. Two people were sent home after they produced drivers licenses but went home to collect proper IDS.

1505: At Mudzimu Primary School B Magunje Constituency two political parties, the People’s Rainbow Coalition and ZIPP failed to provide polling agents. Voting is going on smoothly and of the 546 registered voters, 353 had cast their ballots as at 2 pm. 5 people were turned away mostly because they were not on the voters roll. 43 were assisted to vote mainly because of illiteracy and visual impairment.

1502: Most polling stations in Insiza North were no longer busy amid reports that most people cast their votes in the morning.

1501: Out of 21 378 voters that had registered to vote 8 027 had voted in Hwange East constituency by 3 pm with 79 being turned away.

1445: At Chirumanzu-Zibagwe Constituency Ward 24, voting has been peaceful. The Zec presiding officer Mr Regis Mafura said the ward has 430 registered voters and by 1 pm a total of 274 voters comprising 139 males and 135 females had cast their vote. Four people have been turned away for coming to the wrong polling station or not appearing on the voters roll. One female voter who came to the polling station with her confidante was also assisted to cast her vote.  Aspiring MPs for Chirumanzu-Zibagwe Constituency are Prosper Machado-Zanu PF, Qobizitha Mlilo-MDC Alliance, Rangarirai Mukobvu for Zipp, Jacob Mupeta an independent candidate and Nyaradzo Nyamadzawo-PRC.

Some voters carried chairs from home to sit on while waiting for their turn to vote at Glenlorne Shopping centre polling station tent B

1435: In Harare North, Zanu-PF aspiring candidate for the National Assembly seat Cde Tongai Mudambo visited the Glenlorne Shopping centre polling station after casting his vote at Hatcliff High School. He expressed satisfaction in terms of peace during the voting process so far adding that there has been an increase in numbers of registered voters which justifies the long queues being witnessed.

1424: Hwedza South Chief Elections Officer Mrs Catherine Bangor has said voting had gone on well. She said three visually impaired had cast their votes by lunch hour. At Dendenyore primary school polling station voting was characterized by long queues and people expressed frustration at the slow process.

MDC-T’s Presidential candidate Dr Thokozani Khuphe casting her vote at Stanley Hall, Makokoba, Bulawayo.

1421: At Chamapango Primary School in Murehwa North Constituency, 395 people have voted. 231 female, 164 male and 5 have been turned away.

1410: At Bishopstone polling station in Beitbridge West 294 people have so far voted and more are expected to cast their votes as the day progresses. Bishopstone is a farming estate and most of the voters are farm workers both permanent and seasonal ones.

A polling officer attending to one of the voters at Nyajena Secondary School Masvingo South Constituency

1346: His Excellency Hailemariam Desalegne the Head of African Union Election Observer Mission to Zimbabwe said the elections are peaceful and orderly.

“So far we are trying to collect information from areas we are deployed and I think, so far, it’s generally peaceful, orderly and professionally handled. That is our finding. You know the polling stations which I myself observed, we have visited around eight polling stations so far, and at all of them we have tried to ask all stakeholders including opposition parties’ agents in the polling stations; all of them have responded that it’s going orderly and in good fashion.

“I think it’s clear that when you see the queues, the turnout is so high. In some of the stations, they have gone to 230 (voters) so far (by lunch hour) and some of them half. Some polling stations need to speed up because the turnout is so high.”

Head of AU observer team Mr Desalegne (left) leaving a polling station

1339: In Nyamapanda. Presiding officer Mr Samuel Mudzvova who is at Nyamapanda B clinic polling station in Mudzi North Constituency says by 1 pm 352 people had voted. Thirteen voters had been assisted and ten were turned away due to various reasons. He said the elections are peaceful.

1330: Former president Robert Mugabe has voted in Highfield. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs Grace Mugabe and daughter Bona.

Former president Robert Mugabe is assisted to cast his vote by his daughter Bona while his wife Mrs Grace Mugabe looks on at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield today.

1325: In Bindura South constituency. Out of the nine centres the following had voted as at midday, Cornerstone 406 people, (197 males and 209 females), Brinkburn, 260 (110 males and 150 females); Trojan C 289 (135 males and 154 females); Garikai 255 (144 females and 111 males) and Trojan B 220 (126 makes and 94 females). Long queues are still the order of the day.

1253: In Gutu Central, Ward 21 at Gonye Primary School 330 people have cast their votes, 197 women and 133 men. So far 31 voters have been assisted to cast their vote, 23 females and 8men. ZEC presiding officer Ms Judith Chimwe said voting is going on peacefully. Gutu Central aspiring Member of Parliament, as well as the Minister of Mines Cde Winston Chitando, has just cast his vote accompanied by his family members.

A voter waiting by the entrance of Mudzengerere Secondary School in Mt Darwin West

1252: Mazowe West aspiring member for the House of Assembly Cde Kazembe Kazembe has said Zanu-PF will shock the main opposition MDC Alliance, which he said had underestimated the revolutionary party.

1250: In Mt Pleasant Constituency 350 have voted at Vainona High School polling station out of the 639 who have registered so far.

Veld fire disrupts the voting process at New Donnington Farm polling station. Polling agents, officers and police details have abandoned the process as they join farm workers to put out the fire.

1247: Voting started peacefully and on time at most polling stations across the country with very few minor glitches being experienced. Giving an update this afternoon ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba said 90 percent of the 10 985 polling stations established with huge turnouts being experienced in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, Bindura North and some parts of Harare.

“Zec would like to report that as at 8 am 90 percent out of the 10 985 polling stations were open,” she said.

“The voter turn out is high and we are confident that by 7 pm we would have completed the voting process at all polling stations.”

Justice Chigumba

Justice Chigumba warned chief election agents, media and observers against interviewing voters within the vicinity of polling stations. Those found breaching this code of conduct, she said, risked having their accreditation revoked. She also said Zec had reported two unnamed presidential candidates to the police after they issued statements which had to do with today’s election

She said this was in contravention of the Electoral Act which requires candidates not to campaign 48 hours from election day. She said voting was delayed at one polling station in Chegutu after it received wrong ballot papers for the local authorities. The anomaly was quickly rectified.

1231: Voting is going on well in the Midlands Province. ZEC says the voting exercise has been flawless in the Midlands province. ZEC Midlands Provincial Elections Officer Mrs Docas Mpofu said the Electoral board had not encountered any challenges in the deployment of personnel manning polling stations as well as the distribution of the ballot paper.

Voters queuing at Manjoro Primary School where the presiding officer Mrs Epiphania Samushonga says voting has been going on well since polling started.

1228: A few voters walked away saying they’ll return later at Nketa Hall in Bulawayo as they complain about the pace of the voting process.

1227: Voting started as early as 7 am in Mazowe West Constituency with very long but fast moving queues forming. No incident has been reported, except an isolated case where one individual was turned away at Amandas Primary School Polling Station because their name could not be found in the voters roll.

By 10 am at an average of 250-300 people had cast their ballots, with a total of 538 having done so at Amandas Primary School Polling Station. Long Queues are still forming at many of the 53 polling Stations in Mazowe West Constituency.

1213: In Masvingo South at Njajena Secondary polling station has been divided into A and B with 553 expected to be served at B and 552 at A. So far 200 people have voted at B (109 females and 91 male) 32 assisted and 7 turned away at Polling station ( A) 82 have cast their ballots (40 males n 42 females) 33 were assisted and only one person turned away.

Norton Constituency Independent candidate Themba Mliswa casts his vote.

1154: At Bolton Jenya Primary Sch polling station in Hwedza North Constituency 189 out of 424 registered voters at the polling station had cast their ballots by 10 am. people could be seen trickling in by 11.20am in small numbers as the majority had voted early morning. the voting process was reported to be peaceful. Only two people were turned away due to ID-related challenges.

1151: Epworth Constituency Elections Officer Cephas Mudavanhu says they have encountered a challenge with many voters going to wrong polling stations since this year’s Harmonised Elections are Polling-station-based. This challenge has also resulted in the slow processes.

Zanu-PF Nyanga South Cde Supa Mandiwanzira casts his vote at Manjoro Primary School in Ward 22.

1147: Over 200 people have voted in Ward 2 in Epworth as at 11:45 am.

1143: In Norton, many people arrived at the various polling station in the constituency early in the morning when the polling process at 7 am. Long queues snaking outside polling stations characterise the situation in the constituency as people came out in their numbers to cast their ballots. The presiding officer at Dudley Hall Mr Emmanuel Phiri told the Herald crew that the situation was peaceful. “The voting process is progressing peacefully with no incidences recorded so far,” he said. At St Eric Primary School, the situation was peaceful. Presiding officer Ms Chiedza Hanyani said only two prospective voters were turned away. “We turned away two people since the voting started. One had his ID number unreadable while the other had his name not appearing in the voters roll,” she said.

More than 300 people had voted at St Eric, with the majority being male voters. Aspiring independent MP Temba Mliswa cast his vote at CCAP in ward 7. The presiding officer at CCAP polling station Ms Botoman said one person was turned away on the grounds that his name appeared on the exclusion list because of duplication of registration.

A visually impaired voter is assisted to cast her vote

1135: By 11:30 am, a total of 266 had voted and 9 turned away for coming to the wrong polling station at St Aidan’s AB Primary, Chitungwiza South. The queues are now shorter. ZEC officials at Gillingham Primary school in Dzivaresekwa are making sure the injured, elderly and parents with infants do not join long queues, which voters are complaining not to be flowing as fast as they expect.

Women wait their turn to vote

1134: Unlike the long queues at Zanamwe Business Centre, Rufaro Corner Shops polling station in St Mary’s has shorter ones. Just over 200 have voted at the centre so far. 108 female, 99 males and 3 have been turned away.

1132: People’s Rainbow Coalition aspiring member of parliament Mr Farirai Zivave says “so far so good people have come out to vote in numbers but it looks like they might have to extend voting hours because the too many. The process is too slow. But the environment is peaceful.”

1130: Hwange West Constituency has 62 polling stations, 32 230 registered voters, and 10 National Assembly candidates vying for the seat formerly held by Zanu-PF’s Bekithemba Mpofu who is not contesting as he lost the primaries. Voting currently going on well.

European Union Election Observation Mission’s Long Term Observer Liudmila Blinova takes down some notes as people wait in a short queue to cast their vote at Chitimbe village polling station in Rushinga Constituency

1118: In Mazowe North, Forrester F Primary School polling station there was chaos an hour ago after Coalition of Democrats candidate for National Assembly Elias Malukula and Independent Candidate Shingirayi Runganga allegedly stormed in the polling station complaining about assisted voters prompting the intervention of the police to quell down the situation. In a comment to The Herald, Presiding Officer James Mahora said the two candidates complained over the issue of voters being assisted though pointing out that it is not an electoral offence for old aged people to ask for assistance during the voting process.

1108: In Mufakose, the voting process is going on smoothly at all 26 polling stations. About 1 456 voters were already in queues by 7 am. Only two voters at Mufakose High School polling station have been turned away. Statistics of those who have voted so far are still being compiled.

PRC leader Dr Joice Mujuru just cast her vote at Oriel Girls High School

1106: In Wedza North Constituency at Chop Chop polling station. There were four people in the queue by 10:30 am as the majority had voted early morning. Out of 347 registered voters at the polling station, 235 had voted by 10.27am. Polling officers could be seen relaxing waiting for voters to come. Presiding officer said everything is going on smoothly and peacefully. There were five assisted voters because some were illiterate while the others had visual impairments. Three candidates are vying for the seat being Musayabayana David for Zanu-PF, Dzinemunhenzva Egypt-Forces of the Liberation Organisation of Africa National Party and Makara of MDC-Alliance.

Voters in Chitungwiza South at Unit L Creche B.

1045: 105 people have cast their votes in Ward 3, at Roman Catholic University in Paddonhurst, Bulawayo. 62 males and 43 females. Three people have so far been assisted to vote.

1043: “Voting started on time in Nyanga North and South. There were pretty good queues at some polling stations especially those near or at Growth points. The only polling station that I visited and witnessed a short queue was at Mangondoza. We are still compiling statics from all the polling stations in the district,” said Nyanga district elections officer Mr Arthur Chigumadzi.

1034: Of the six polling stations visited by 10 am in Chiredzi West Constituency, 1 155 people had voted, 41 being assisted voters and 4 having been turned away for various reasons chief among them being the wrong polling station.

A journalist interviewing an elderly woman before voting

1032: There are long winding queues at Chinamora Hall although ZEC has provided three polling stations. So far voting has continued peacefully in Goromonzi West and no incident of Violence has been reported. Zanu PF candidate, Cde Energy Mutodi said voting is being conducted peacefully. He said he was impressed by the high turnout of people at the polling station. Cde Mutodi said there were some challenges in the morning as names of some Zanu PF agents were not on the ZEC list. The problem has since been rectified. MDC Alliance parliamentary candidate, Luke Tamborinyoka complained of the same problem of the names of the agents not appearing on the ZEC list.

1030: In Mhangura Constituency, MDC Alliance has not fielded agents in most parts of the constituency’s rural areas.

1027: At Budiriro 2 Primary School in Budiriro Constituency, Presiding officer has just asked voters to switch off their cell phones after one voter was suspected of taking photos within the booth. Voters taking approximately 3 minutes to cast their votes.

1007: President Mnangagwa has cast his vote at Sherwood Primary school in Kwekwe. The President says the country is experiencing democracy never witnessed before. He says former president Mugabe is allowed to express his opinion as it’s his democratic right. President Mnangagwa was accompanied by First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa, his children and daughter in law. He says he will continue to engage former President on regularly as a citizen of this country.

President Mnangagwa casting his vote

0954: Gwanda South constituency elections officer Ian Thwala says he’s happy with the progress thus far. He says all polling stations opened at 7 am. He says they are hoping that when voting closes at 7 pm they are hoping counting would be complete by 12 midnight.

These two gentlemen leave the Ushewekunze Tent E polling station in Harare South Constituency, after their bid to skip the queue failed. They pretended that one in the hand-drawn cart was sick, therefore was supposed to be given exception to standing in the queue.

0952: Voting is progressing peacefully at Tsholotsho centre and surrounding wards. Tsholotsho District has two constituencies – north and south. The north has 10 wards and 76 polling stations while the south has 12 wards and 67 polling station. Altogether there are 22 wards. A total of 22 candidates are vying for the two National Assembly seats while 91 are contesting for the 22 local authority seats. In Tsholotsho South, outgoing MP Zenzo Sibanda (Zanu-pf) is battling it out with 10 opponents. In the north, former MDC-T MP Roselyn Nkomo, now under PRC banner is wrestling with 10 candidates who include Sibangumuzi Khumalo of Zanu-pf. The constituencies have been previously won by Zanu-pf with former cabinet Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo in the north.

First Lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa casting her vote

0947: At Chivakanenyama Primary School in Hurungwe West Constituency, dozens of people are queuing to vote. Presiding Officer Mr Tinashe Chivarega says so far, 59 females and 67 males have voted. Three people were turned away for not appearing on the voters roll. 16 people were assisted to vote. Of the assisted voters some were visually impaired while others were illiterate.

0945: Chipinge West Constituency chief election officer Mr Needmore Maphosa said voting started on time in all polling station in Chipinge West. He said no irregularities reported yet and people are casting their votes in harmony.

Nelson Chamisa casting his vote

0930: Manicaland Provincial Command Centre. Provincial elections officer Mr Moffat Masabeya said all the 1 438 polling stations across the province started in time.

0920: MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has cast his vote at Kuwadzana 2 Primary school.

Voters queue at Ndamuleni Primary School Ward 18 in Lupane East

0848: Zec had to divide the polling station into A and B at Rutenga Primary School due to high turnout and high number of registered voters amid reports that there are about 1 500 registered voters in the Ward 18, Mwenezi East Constituency

0844: Zanu-PF aspiring candidate Cde Elias Musakwa, Kudakwashe Bhadharai of MDC Alliance, Chivasa Maddock Tatirai of NCA and Ketema Benjamin of MDC-T are battling it out for the Bikita West Constituency Parliamentary seat.

0841: There is a huge turnout at Nhumwa primary school in Wedza North constituency, Mashonaland East Province. More than 50 people had voted by 0800 hours.

0811: At exactly 7 am people had started casting their votes at Tasimukira Primary School, Ward 22 in Chitungwiza. They were voting peacefully and several police officers were seen manning the area to maintain peace.

0810: By 8 am 19 males and 6 females had cast their vote at Gokwe South RDC. None turned away, no assisted votes and the environment is peaceful. Mr Taruvinga the presiding officer said voting started at 7 am. He said this at Gokwe Central Constituency Ward 3. Voters are just walking in as there are no queues.

0809: In Kadoma Central Constituency, Mashonaland West province voting is progressing smoothly. At Kuredza Primary School in Ward 3 voters are still trickling in their numbers. The situation is the same at ward 17 at Waverly primary school where voters are seated in an orderly manner waiting for their turn to cast votes. However, the queue at Waverly Primary School is dominated by male voters.

Voters continue to come in at Kuwadzana Primary School (Kuwadzana East Constituency)

0807: In Mudzi North five candidates in for the National Assembly are Newton Kachepa Zanu-PF, Anyway Mupanduki Independent, Peter Chabveka MDC Alliance, Tichaona Gomo Coalition Of Democrats, Silver Chiripanyanga-United African National Council Party.

0800: 18 females and 15 males had voted at Nyanhunzi polling station in Guruve South by 8 am, one turned away for not being on the voters roll and four assisted voters.

0719: Polling stations opened at exactly 7 am and no notable challenges were reported at the few visited so far. At Chamabondo polling station in Ward 11, there was a long winding queue of more than 150 people at 6.50 am.

0717: Voting started peacefully in Mudzi North Constituency and people are going to various polling stations to cast their votes. A presiding officer at Kotwa B primary says peace is prevailing in the whole area.

0715: At least 15 people had voted at We’dza primary school, Wedza district, Mashonaland East Province by 7:15am. Presiding officer Mr Patterson Muroyiwa said voting started well without glitches. Men and women formed separate queues to cast their vote.

0711: Voting started at 7am here at Jerera PreSchool. Polling Officer Mr Charles Mhike says the process is going on smoothly.

0705: Voting has started at Sherwood Primary School in Kwekwe where President Mnangagwa is expected to cast his vote this morning.

0703: Winding queues already at various polling stations in Gokwe central constituency where eight candidates are contesting. Voting has started in Chivi South. The candidates for the National Assembly Chivi South (MP) Cde Killer Zivhu Zanu-PF,  Mholo Thompson MDC, Malunguza Sharon RPZ, Dzingirai Ivene independent, Madzimure Tarisai PRC and Zizhou Togarepi ZIP.

0700: In Makoni Central, voting has started at NE Park Ward 6 Makoni Central. Polling stations have opened in Bulawayo. Voting has started in Nyamhuka Primary school as people starts trickling in to cast their votes in Nyanga South constituency ward 27. Supa Mandiwanzira (Zanu PF), Talent Kadzima (independent) Mupotsa Nickson(#FMZ)Ngonzwe Webster (MDC-T) Sanya gee Tonderai (MDC-T) are contesting for the House of Assembly seat. Talkmore Nyamange (MDC-T) Mugabe Makiyade (Zanu PF) are vying for the local government seat. There is a small queue so far.


0650: There are 34 000 registered voters in Beitbridge East Constituency who will make use of 59 polling stations.

0646: In Makoni Central, snaking queues characterise polling stations in the 10 urban wards of Makoni Central. People are overjoyed about exercising their democratic right in a peaceful environment.

0643: Some voters arrived around 4:30 am braving the cold weather at Ngundu Roman Catholic church in ward 25 Chivi, Masvingo

0642: In Chipinge Central. There is so much enthusiasm to vote here, with queues at various polling stations as early as 5:30am

0631: Long queues at Kandeya business Centre, Mt Darwin South as people wait to cast their vote.

0725: Preparations for the poll underway at I & K Agribank Open space in Mt Darwin South.

0622: People waiting in queue to Vote at Chancellor Primary polling station Mutasa South Constituency in Manicaland. Presiding officer has gone to check on other polling stations in the area. Meanwhile EU observer mission is inspecting facilities

0620: Preparations getting ready for the start of polling at Dzvukamanja polling station, Guruve South where Zanu PF’s Patrick Dutiro will be fighting it out against independent candidate Wilbert Mubaiwa.

0616: Queues, some with as many as seventy people, have already formed at Beit Hall, Chisamba Grounds and Sakubva Stadium flea market polling stations in Mutare Central Constituency, Manicaland, as polling in the 2018 harmonised elections is set to start.

Presiding officers at the polling stations indicated that all is on course for voting to start at the prescribed 7 am starting time

0600: At around 6 am, voters at various polling stations in Chiredzi West Constituency had already lined up waiting for the opening of the polling stations by 7am.

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