Kadoma Agric Show in re-engagement drive

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Heather Charema in Chegutu
The newly-elected Kadoma Agricultural Show executive has started re-engaging stakeholders, who had stopped exhibiting, to consider returning for this year’s edition slated for September 26.

Organisations that had pulled out of the show include Arex, Seed Co, National Foods, Nyaradzo, Cairns, Doves, Moonlight, Croco Motors and Mashford.

The Development Trust of Zimbabwe (DTZ) has made giant strides in rehabilitating the dilapidated infrastructure at the show ground to regain stakeholder confidence and breathe life into the show.

In an interview, DTZ board member for Mashonaland West Mr Francis Khondanani said there was need to re-engage various stakeholders who had pulled out of the show. “I am disheartened by what has become of our showground, Kadoma is the home ground of agricultural and mining activities,” he said. “Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. This place was once rated among the best show grounds in the country.

“We used to have Arex, a major stakeholder in the agriculture sector, but they are no longer part and parcel of this show society. I feel that development should start by re-engaging these stakeholders so that they come back and exhibit with us. Some of these stakeholders are Croco Motors, Mashford, Toyota, Nyaradzo among others.”

The new Kadoma Agricultrural Show’s chairperson Mr Patson Madera said there was a lot of work to be done.

“What I can say is that there is a lot to be done at the show ground ahead of this year’s edition,” he said. Speaking at a meeting, Assistant District Development Co-ordinator for Sanyati District Mr Jabson Muringani said agriculture would aid development of the country.  “Our wish is that we work together with other Government departments and local leadership so that we move together for the development of Kadoma,” he said.

“This incoming leadership was chosen to bring change into this show society. As District Development Co-ordinators we believe this show society is our subcommittee for development in the district.”

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